Loach Help!

  1. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    I've had my loach Sharkie for over a year now. He was a birthday gift from a friend. Now I'm beginning to wonder if I have the space for him. :l
    He is an orange-finned loach (there seems to be varying scientific names?). I'm doing research and it looks like he might get 7-9 inches long. Also, could he be stunted? I was stupid when I first got him and only had a 10 gallon tank (I shudder when I recall how overstocked that was). He's only about 4 inches.
    My tank's length is 48 inches and the height is 18. Can I get verification on how many gallons that is? Was told it is a 55 gallon tank.
    I would like to provide him with a good home with me, however I am worried that I can't. He needs friends but I dont have the space, and it's not recommended to just have two or three as the dominant one could bully the others.

    Sharkie has a cave to hide in and I'm planning on buying a piece of driftwood.

    I am 14, please keep that in mind when it comes to buying things. 515f131c105d1aa36e07cbf01f8b4b6d.jpg
  2. Samuel97 Well Known Member Member

    We would also need the depth of your tank to correctly gauge your tanks volume. I'm not super familiar with those loaches myself so the information for him, i'll leave to someone with more knowledge.

  3. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    By depth you mean front to back, right? That's about 12 inches.
  4. Samuel97 Well Known Member Member

    48w x 12d x 18h makes roughly 45 gallons. (44.883117)

  5. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Oh, okay! I might need to change my planned stocking, then.
    Also, I definitely think that is too small for Sharkie. Help? Should I rehome him? He was a gift, I feel it might be rude, and I dont know where to find a good home for him.
    I'd really like to keep him, but I don't know what to do to be honest. I can't afford buying a bigger tank.
  6. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

  7. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    Orange-finned loach, red finned... pretty loach that love jumping out of the water, so make sure there isn't the slightest gap in your hood. They grow about 6 inches and like all loaches love lots of their own.

  8. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Never really seen him jump. I'm rehoming him I believe, don't have the space.
  9. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Posted on Facebook about him, probably won't get any offers. I made it so that friends of my friends could see it (I'm 14, doing all this with parental approval). How long should I wait on offers?
  10. Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    Its not ideal but he may have a better life with you. You will only be passing the problem on.

    You will find that he stays smaller than his maximum size but will remain healthy. Its true that we want to encourage people to keep these fish in social groups but this is too late in this situation so you have to do the best you can. When I started in the hobby loaches were always kept singly.

    If you ever see a shop with this species in stock or come across someone who keeps them maybe that would be the time to move him on.

    Just research future purchases and take control of your hobby and insist on choosing your own fish.

    I assume this is your hobby and not your parents.

    Of course you should allow your parents to pay for your fishy choices!

  11. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    I have requirements for anyone interested. If nobody with a suitable set up comes along, he will stay with me.

    Hm, yeah, I will make sure people know that I'd prefer not to be given random fish species.

    Yep, this is my hobby, not my parents'. I am allowed to get what I want as long as I have the money and, in the case of a new tank, the room.