Livingstonii Eye Injury: Opinions Please!

  1. Sassonic Initiate Member

    Hi guys, my Livingstonii appears to have an injury to his right eye. It could also be a sickness I supposed, so correct me if I'm wrong but I think it's been bitten or he scratched it on a rock. Of course I can't observe my tank 24/7 but I can make a fairly good guess about what happened. My Livinstonii has been playing "Game of Thrones" in this tank trying to become the tank boss but he's clearly #3 in the hierarchy. Lately he's been trying to bully more and move up the chain-of-command, and I'm guessing my OB Cichlid "tank boss" said "enough-is-enough" and attacked the Livinstonii and put him in his place... The first picture is the damaged eye, notice the puffyness, the white half-circle above the eye, and torn tissue around the top of the right eye, the second picture is for contrast it shows the left eye which is not injured (or sick?). Thoughts, and remedy ideas? I have Melafix, aquarium salt, and a cycled hospital tank ready...

  2. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    Every now and them one of my Africans hurts their eye too. Usually the problem resolves all on its own. Keep the water cleaner, maybe add some salt and give it a couple days. If it is getting worse then move him/her to the hospital tank.

    That being said, I have had to pull fish out and treat them for popeye. One lost sight in his eye yet still managed to become the boss of the tank... I've also hot a female peacock that scraped her eye on something, tearing the tissue. Now she is mostly blind in that eye but has little to no issues getting food and defending herself.

  3. Sassonic Initiate Member

    Thanks. I've decided to put the Livingstonii in the hospital tank to heal-up, w/some salt and melafix, plus he has been terrorizing some of the weaker cichlids in my 65G, he's killed 3 in the last week (I didn't catch him "in-the-act" but I think he did it). I'm moving him to my 135G tank after this, maybe he just needs more space to calm down...
  4. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    I kept a female livingstonii (was my first African) in a 55gal tank. It was perfectly fine until she hit breeding age. Even w/o a male she would claim nearly half the tank for a few days before/after she laid eggs. I ended up re-homing her along with a murderous male yellow lab, he was a terror. The tank has never been more peaceful after trading in several of my problem fish.

    Good thing you have another tank to move your livingstonii to, I loved my female but I just didn't have any room to keep her. I eventually plan to get a much larger tank for frontosas and other haps, gotta love the bigger Africans.

  5. Sassonic Initiate Member

    I'm going to give this Livingstonii another chance in my 135G but only if she (I think it's a she) behaves in there. It will be an interesting experiment to see if it behaves better with more space... Sometimes the environment changes everything...
  6. Demeter Well Known Member Member

    I was wondering if it was in fact a female. I didn't see any long/pointed tips on the fins, nor any blue on its face. It's best to keep larger haps with other larger haps, I learned that the hard way.
  7. Sassonic Initiate Member

    The eye is healing after a few days of hospitalization, almost no puffyness or swelling now. He should be ready to return with the other fish soon, I'll give it a few more days.