1. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    [​IMG] i have 3 females and 1 gave birth in the tank hours after i brought them home. Im not positive which one had babies but i went fry hunting and managed to catch 5, and only 1 survived the evening. Its now maybe 2 weeks old. Do either of the top 2 look pregnant? I didn't want to bring home pregnant fish :/ but I'm understanding that it happens when you buy livebearers. So before i buy anymore tankmates, i want to wait and see if i have to fry hunt again.

    EDIT: after scrolling thru other questions in this category i am wondering about miscarriages. When i bought the fish these same 2 were obviously larger than the 3rd molly. Is it possible that they only dropped a few fry early but continued the pregnancy to deliver later on? Although i only caught 5, i sucked up a few others that had died while doing water changes. So id say she had at least 10, and only 1 survived the night.
  2. hampalong Fishlore VIP Member

    If females are sexually mature they're generally gravid, and can store sperm for up to 5-6 batches, so they may develop and drop a few more batches over the next few months. Young fish don't drop many fry - the number increases as they grow.

    If they're near to full term the stress of moving can cause them to miscarry. Young fish are not always very big at full term.
  3. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    5-6 months!!! Yikes. Ok well ive been putting off adding more because i didn't want to be over ran with fry. And i think the bigger white one is definitely pregnant. I plan to keep and raise the surviving fry so that i don't need to purchase any more.

    I have lots of bacopa in my tank (plant) for possible fry to hide in. My julii cats are probably too small right now too eat them and hopefully since my tank is super understocked the mollies won't eat them.

    All i know to look for is \_/ this belly shape but i had know idea they only needed to mate 1 time to drop babies for up to 6 months.
  4. Lady Monster Well Known Member Member

    [​IMG] 3.2 magnification of the surviving fry my daughter named Sneaky.