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Discussion in 'Live Rock' started by jimmy, Jul 12, 2005.

  1. jimmyNew MemberMember

    hey guys, its me jimmy again.

    I have another question, my live rock is growing green-like hair all over it (possibly slime or algea)  My question is how could i remove this ?  Also, are u supposed to be feeding ur live rock anything? because i don't...... I just need to know how to keep my live lock very very healthy so that i could start adding corals

    I want to get my live lock as pink - purple as i can!
  2. fletchValued MemberMember

    Re: Live Rock problem

    Im assuming you mean saltwater. I have a freshwater tank so I wouldnt have a clue if you have to feed the live rock but as it cant move about it probably eats small bacteria or organisms already in the tank. Ask though because you may need to introduce these to the water.
    As for the hair, get a catfish. I had loads of algae and growing on my tank and the first night I put my sucking catfish in most of the stuff had dissapeard
  3. bhcaaronWell Known MemberMember

    LoL! I thought this was funny. Its old, but, anyone have ideas as to what the green hair could have been? So what do YOU feed your live rock? lol ahahahahah rotfl!
  4. leximommyValued MemberMember

    in my opinion it sounds like algae. but anyways..... i dont know if you feed it or not, but it probly would be like phytoplankton or something..... oh and as for getting rid of the algae, try a snail or crab, maybe a cleaner shrimp (dont know if theyd eat the green stuff though....ill look it up and find you something to take care of it if you give me a day....i have to go and feed my daughter right now....shes just starting stage one baby foods, im wearing my "baby food clothes" lol (she tends to sneeze just as i get a full spoon of peas into her mouth...and viola im pea