Live rock pests hitchhikers- More in used LR or uncured LR?

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HI Guys,

A mindboggling Liverock/sand question to you :

If I buy used LR with lots of life in it(like corals ,polyps etc) and put em in my new tank which hasnt cycled , do I stand the risk that the corals,polyps growths would die off soon even in good 76F water,salinity and light?
Then if they decay , that would upset the tank balance right?

On otherhand ,If nitrifying/nitro [beneficial bacteria] is my only need then can I just get uncured LR and with a biological additive start curing and in a month I can add fish right?

Also , pls advice if I stand the risk of getting harmful algae,hitchhikers,fire worms,pests etc from used LR&LS from established tanks(4 ,6 yr old) . Is that risk lesser in uncured LR from a lfs?

My only need is not the hitchhikers/corals but the beneficial bacteria , pls advice - I am as confused as ever and can't even sleep!

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If this is a new tank then you can cure your liverock within the display tank. Just run your protein skimmer. Read the various pros and cons about leaving the lights on during curing; there seems to be much debate over this subject.

My personal preference is to buy cure liverock from the LFS, though I'm confident that they do a good job of curing as I've seen their setup. If this is a fresh tank the good hitchhikers (corals and such) may not survive the cycle. As luck would have it, the bad hitchhikers will probably do fine. I have plenty of bristleworms in my tank that I get rid of on sight. They can be good for the tank, but typically if you can see them without actually looking for them then there's too many. And especially the big ones - they go in the trash whether I'm looking for them or not.
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