Live rock care

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    Well, i was thinking about getting some live rock for my 55 gal. SW tank, and i need a lot of info.:;dk What filtration do i need?, what should my water quality be?, do i need special lighting?, are there certain fish that would hurt it?, how do i cure it?, and what type should i get? :;thx
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    DarkFin Valued Member Member

    First, live rock is "live" persay, containing lots of stuff living on them so good lighting (try flouresent lighting for coral and polyps) is neccesary.

    second, Large fish will break off and nibble on coral and live rock

    third, Filtration is neccesary, get a protein skimmer!!! many good tanks fail without one, BUT, that is your choice there are tanks that have done fine

    fourth, I personally like fiji rock, but anytype of rock you pick is fine, but make sure it is "live rock"

    fifth, if there is nothing in your tank at the moment, go ahead and put the live rock in your tank for a setup, and then wait. your rock will cure itself put make sure you do 75% water changes during.
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    :) :) thanks! i do have fish in it though (the biggest is a pennant butterflyfish) should i cure the rock in a different tank?
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    Yes, you should cure the rock in a different tank. Your butterfly fish won't appreciate the ammonia and nitrite spikes from curing live rock, lol. All you need to cure live rock is a powerhead or 2, just as long as there is decent flow. There isn't really any need to do big water changes while it's curing, although you can if you want to.
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    whats 'lighter' weight wise? lace rock? or tafu rock?