Live plants.

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    Hey! I've never had live plants. But I keep seeing how pretty these are and hearing they will help my water quality. So let's hear it. Plants for beginners. Thanks!!
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    That list says for "low light" how do I know if this applies to me? My aquarium had a big bright light on it.

    Freshwater. 55g. Currently have 1 angelfish and 2 guppies. But the guppies are going into a new tank in my son's room once it's cycled. I'll be adding some other fish to the 55 then. I don't want to add anything else right now because I'm afraid of them being eaten since they're small.

    I keep seeing these little ball like plants in people's photos. What is that? What sort of maintenance do these require.
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    You're most likely seeing Marimo balls, they require very little.

    Can you let us know what exact lighting you have?
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    Turns out I already had the Bubbles in there when I took the pic. We've done so many changes lately to reconfigure I Can't keep my timeline right.

    Anyway, I want to add live plants! Haha
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    Floating plants are beneficial and purty. Also any live plants.

    That list linked earlier is a great starting point.
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    Here's a look at mine and my thoughts on them so far.
    I have Marimo Balls, which I hardly even consider a live plant as far as work required to keep them. Very simple little things. Occasionally take them out with a water change and swish it around to get any excessive debris caught in it.
    I have Java Fern, the forest of leaves on the right, and it's doing pretty well. I occasionally trim off dying leaves.
    I have Amazon sword, the long one on the left, and it's my favorite so far. It grows about 2 inches each day to each new leaf. Then once that leaf reaches about the length of the others it stops growing and a new leaf pops out.
    I have Java Moss, which I haven't had much luck with so far as a lot of it is turning brown...
    I have anacharis which I really like, it's that stuff that kinda looks like seaweed. I like both as a plant anchored to the ground but it also does VERY well as a floater plant and is pretty low maintenance.
    I also have duckweed, floating on the water, but it can be very messy sometimes. Some people hate it and some people love it. And some fish eat it! It's good at absorbing nitrates though.
    Those are my tank plants.

    I also have little bits of Anubias Nana that I'm trying to grow outside of tank.

    For both I use Seachem's Flourish for nutrients and Flourish Excel for CO2

    The tank gets 8-10 hours a day of light from a very simple LED light strip that came with the tank kit.
    The Anubias is sat on windowsill.

    Plants are a great addition to a tank and make fish feel really at home, help manage water conditions, and just look good.

    Ones I'd probably suggest are Marimo Ball, Anacharis, Anubias, and Amazon Sword.

    Hope that was some sort of help! Good luck with your planting!