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  1. steveredlakefallsmn

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    has anyone ever used APONOGETON bulbs before,and if so are they a good plant?and what do they look like when they are growing?thanks.
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  3. jayham26

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    Did you get the bulbs from wal-mart or some pet store?
    I tryed six bulbs with no luck. They just rotted in the tank. If you get them to grow they do look great from what I've seen. Good luck!
  4. OP

    steveredlakefallsmnValued MemberMember

    thanks and yes i did get them at walmart,they have been in the water know for three days i hope they start sometime soon.if not i still have the pakage and the company says they will take them back and send me new ones if they dont grow.thanks.
  5. bmbeyond

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    I could not resist these bulbs at Walmart when I saw them. So, I bought two packs of the Nympaea bulbs and one pack of the Aponogeton. So far, I have one successful Nymphaea growing and two Aponogeton. The other bulbs were duds. The plants that are growing are doing quite well.
  6. jayham26

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    Ya I got mine at petco let, them sit for 2 weeks in the tank, buried 3 left 3 on top of substrate. If you see a white haze around them there bad take them out. Good luck
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  7. OP

    steveredlakefallsmnValued MemberMember

    yah!!!! my bulbs finally took off,well not all but 2 out of 5 isnt to bad?
  8. chunkdaddy

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    Best results I've heard with them. I just sent all mine back.:;fru
  9. striker

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    I bought some about 3 weeks ago at wlamart and they came in pack of 5 bulbs.
    Only three grew but my white skirt tetra would eat them all the way down to the bulb.
    I got rid of those pesky fish and i gave them away and got some guppies.
    Now there grow fairly quickly. One of them even rooted itself and I have a feeling it is going to outgrow my ten gallon tank.

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  10. OP

    steveredlakefallsmnValued MemberMember

    i now have 2 more growing,just checked this noon and cant believe my has been about 2.5 weeks.hope they last!my parrot fish keep on moving them around the tank they dont eat them just push them around on the bottom.i think i better get them anchored.
  11. striker

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    sounds good that almost all of yours are growing. I sent the 2 bad ones back to the company so they can send me replacements.
    I didn't send the receipt from Walmart though I did send the little bar code thing and the part where it say guaranteed to grow.

    Update: (5/4/10) I got my replacement bulbs today by the mail. Like I said I only sent 2 and they send me a whole bunch about 13 or so. The bulbs looked fresher than the ones I got at walmart. I just tossed all the bulbs into my tank and see if they are all good hopefully.
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