Live Aquarium Plants Question

  1. kayla20johnson

    kayla20johnson Valued Member Member

    What are the best plants that grow and thrive in an aquarium without CO2?
  2. tetratetris

    tetratetris Valued Member Member

    Amazon swords are one good choice :)
  3. bryangar

    bryangar Well Known Member Member

    Hi kayla,

    There are many plants that can grow without the use of Co2. Plants like: java fern, java moss, various Sp. of anubias, various Sp. of cryptocorynes, Bacopa monneri, Bacopa Carolinana, A few Sp. of Hygrophilia, Various sword plants, anacharis, vallisneria and water sprite. These are some of the easy plants you cam grow. Although they can grow with very minimal Co2, some will still need fertilizers to grow.