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I just placed my first order online for fish, and it was with Live Aquaria.

5 weather loaches
12 trapdoor snails
1 hornwort

The fish arrived today. The plant will arrive tomorrow.

3 of the weather loaches were dead. Another was swimming erratically upside down.

The snails appear to all be alive, but it's early (I've had them for about 6 hours). After the condition the fish arrived in, I am fully expecting several of the snails to not make it.

I will never order again from Live Aquaria. The shipping costs are exhorbitant (I paid $30.00 to ship the fish and $16.00 for the plant).

The total order came to $127 with three of the loaches dying and a fourth almost sure to. I received a $5.37 credit for the losses. Nothing towards the ridiculous shipping fees they charge.

I will personally never again order fish online from anyone, but I wanted to explicitly warn people from ever using Live Aquaria.

Lady Monster
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Very sad to hear this. I was planning to buy 10-20 mbuna juveniles and some loaches from them. Now I feel like that deal is out the window. 40% off.

Looks like ill have to travel for fish. There are no lfs with in 15 miles of me.

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I got a gold nugget pleco and two red oscars from liveaquaria. The pleco was dead. They sent me a new one. No questions asked. The two red oscars died 10 days later. I called and told them they all died and they refunded me all my money and shipping too. I will not order from them again either. But if you say they all died they give a full refund. Shhhh. The pleco they resent is still alive 45 days later. I tried them because has been awesome with me and stuff is very reasonable priced! No bueno on liveaquria though.
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Sorry to hear this but thank you for posting!
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It was my first time ordering from live aquaria, never again will I order from them again. They advertise bosemanI rainbow fish as a maximum growth of 3 inches when its an adult. I did not know this until after, but what they say is a lie. Their maximum growth is 4 and a half to 5 and a half inches. I bought 4 because to me 3 inches is nothing for my 60 gallontank. I had to get rid of these fish as fast as possible because my tank was overcrowded. I lost $36 thanks to live aquaria for false advertising. I also bought guppies from them, they gave me a sick guppy and they refunded half my money of what I was supposed to get. I ordered a snowflake guppy (boy and girl) and both these fish look nothing like a snowflake guppy. When it comes to them packaging the fish and the fish making it alive, this part is good. When getting the actual fish, they give you a completely different fish. DO NOT go by their picture because it is fake. READ the description first before you buy. Their customer service is the worse. So just beware of what you are getting into. I am not ordering from them ever again because they false advertise and their customer service is even worse.

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I really ordered a Gold Nugget pleco from them 3 times. Because they all died in the shipping bag. Sad. But I will be honest, I do trust their site. Because they have shipped very healthy and happy fish to me lots of times. Gold Nuggets I feel are a 50% chance of living when getting them from the mail. They are pretty flexible with giving your money back or credit on file. You have 2 weeks. They will talk to you over the phone and help you. They package the fish pretty good. I agree, their pictures are misleading, because they take bad pictures. I'm sorry you had a bad experience though. I feel bad. They have always been nice to me, and I never had a problem with getting money back or them re sending a fish. They are understanding. (This is my opinion!) You don't have to, but I feel maybe you should give them one more chance sometime! The weather loaches could have died because of ammonia built up with waist. I totally understand you had an extremely bad experience. It must have been heartbreaking to have them pass away before you even had them.
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Pretty sur3 petco took over live aquaria... hmmmm
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Indeed petco has bought and live aquaria! I wonder how that will change things. I love Dr's foster and smith. Petco is so overpriced! I don't know about this.....

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