Little Puffer fish

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HI there,
I need some help, I read on another post about some puffer fish, I can't identify mine, and am worried that he might not be a fresh water species... Hes the one in the main picture on this web page . Please can anyone tell me what type he is??
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He's brackish.
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That would be a Green Spotted Puffer, or GPS. GPS are not brackish, they require full marine as adults (brackish only as they grow). They grow to be 6" and require a 30 gallon tank. Also requires snails and other hard-shelled food items such as clams in order to keep their teeth from overgrowing and causing lots of problems, or else you will have to do manual trimming.

Puffers are messy and require overfiltration and should be in a species-only tank. They need LOTS of decor to break up their line of sight or they will either be extremely bored and spend the entire day swimming up and down the glass, or they will attack other tankmates.
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Oh no, What do I do? Ive got only two and they are very tiny, not even an inch - about 2cm I thought they were so cute and I really wanted them. Ive been feeding them shrimp and bloodworms, they get tiny snails every week. How and when do I make their water brackish? how old do you think they are? I don't want to risk their health at all!
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My puffers look similar to this but don't have pointy faces like these two, is it possible that they not the same fish?
Please click on the picture to enlarge it.


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Sorry, I seem to have missed your previous post. Not all GSPs have pointed faces like that. Mine doesn't, its more rounded. If you could get a picture, I'd be able to tell you better what kind it is.

Here is a great article on GSPs, their care and requirements, as well as when to start moving them into brackish and then full salt water.

I really hope you have at least a 30 gallon tank for him, too. They really do require large tanks to avoid stunting and other health problems. GSPs aren't really the best for newbie puffer owners, we usually recommend people start off with DPs as they are easier to care for and more hardy. But as long as you are willing to provide the proper environment and care, you should be okay.
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Ive got two in a 30 gallon tank they only 2cm small. Thanks boxermom, I really want to learn more about them, cos even if I take them back they just going to put them back in the 5 gallon freshwater tank they were in...

Ill post pics as soon as I can, my camera doesn't seem to work...
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Two is a mistake. First, because the tank is too small to support two. Second, because puffers are HIGHLY aggressive, even when young, its often cautioned not to keep them with others. It can be done, depending on their personality, but I would take one back simply because you don't have the tank to support both. Or you could get another tank for it. Trust me, they will grow fairly quickly and you're going to have a lot of problems. Better to rehome one now than later after problems arise (both health problems and aggression problems), IMO. Even if they are getting along now, chances are good that at a later point.
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Man I really didnt know what I was getting myself into when I saw their cute little puppy eyes. Maybe it is best I try rehome both of them, to get another 30 gallon tank for one tiny little fish is a bit much right now. There must be someone here that can help me out, ill ask the pet store where I got them from if they know of breeders or enthusiasts... Ill do a lot more research before I get them again... THANKS! I really appreciate the help!!!
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Not a problem at all. You could theoretically get 10 DPs for a 30 gallon tank. They stay small, are pretty hardy and easier to care for, and are freshwater. The biggest requirement for them is LOADS of decor like plants and such.
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I just want to cry cos they became my close little friends, I really love them but I won't take them back to the store, ill find someone who knows what theyre doing... must be someone here! It will be sad to see them go! :'(
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I know, but you should be proud of yourself for doing what's best for them. That's a good thing.
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I suppose so, but thank you for putting me on the right path!
Miss Mouse
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My heart is breaking reading this thread! Kerry - well done on making the right decision and I would definitely recommend getting DP
's - they're really good fun!
Nice to see another south african on the board too ;D
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:'( :'( :'( I MISS MY LITTLE PUFFERS! Its horrible, I don't know how they are doing!!! I miss them lots! it was so sad giving them away but the guy said he knew lots about puffers and he had a tank set up already and everything! oh well!

thanks for your support boxermom!!! ps, I just got 2 boxers!!! I posted in the dogs section on ear clipping and tail docking...
Callum The Cat
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WOW! your tank is ten time as big as my tank literally ;D Callum!

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