Little/no Running Water At Home - Alternatives?

  1. Crum Member Member

    My house uses a well instead of city water. Recently, the well broke. So we barely have any water. The water we do get from it comes out kind of sandy (brown) sometimes. I just got back from a vacation where my tank was left in my parents care, who didn't want to clean it. It hasn't been cleaned and there haven't been any water changes/additions for over 2 weeks now. There's probably about 2 or 3 of the 20 gallons evaporated as well.
    Do you think the water is safe to use if it's slightly sandy? Or should I use store bought jugs of water? What kind of bottled water should I use if i do? Distilled spring etc
    However is it bad to use store bought water because it's got different stuff in it and probably different ph than my water here?
    Sometimes the water comes clear if we clean the filter out right before, so maybe if I fill up a bucket with it before cleaning my tank I can see how it looks. I just feel bad because they really need a water change ,_, it looks clean at least but still
  2. Planted Aquatics Member Member

    Don't use sandy water. If you're not sure, don't. Buy distilled water from the store.

  3. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Don't use distilled water. Use spring water or just plain bottled water ( some bottled water isn't any different from that supplied by municipal water services.) Treat with conditioner and you will be fine.
  4. Crum Member Member

    The change in ph/hardness won't be an issue? I have pretty hard water, I can imagine that it's going to be different from the store

  5. minervalong Well Known Member Member

    yikes, been there done that, but didn't have tanks at the time, just little kids lol. Can you amass things like cat litter jugs, clean them really well then rinse with vinegar and use them to haul water from a relatives house?
    If you go that route, then it can become their "normal" water for water changes and top offs. Plus it will take some pressure off of your household water needs too.
  6. Crum Member Member

    Sounds like they'll dig a new well next week for us. I could go to the neighbors house if needed. if I clean the filter I get about 5 minutes of clear water so I'll try that and fill up a bucket and see how it looks I guess. If it's sandy at all then I won't use it
  7. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    If you do small water changes instead of a massive one then you can mitigate the pH shift.

    Do a partial top up. Wait a day, do another top up. Wait, then do a 20% water change. After that you can go back to your usual schedule.

    For reference pure water is pH 7, so if your water is really alkaline then proceed slowly. If your water is just hard (could happen), then you won't be fighting quite the same uphill battle.

  8. Crum Member Member

    So I bought the water and tested it. Very soft water compared to my very hard. Low alkalinity compared to mine being moderate. ph is like 6.5 mine is like 8 .... should I just add a gallon every day or something so it's easier on the fish? Add something to the water maybe? Idk
  9. maggie thecat Well Known Member Member

    Do small water top ups and water changes. Just like if you were acclimating new fish, but backwards.