List of things you can use from your house in or around your aqurium

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A list of things you can use from around the house in and around your aquarium-

-wooden skewers 2 different sizes-for cleaning filters/filter intakes, removing duckweed, fish pokers

-chopsticks- for poking in the tank

-Gravy suckers for fish fry catchers, waste removers, water changes in low tanks. Come in clear plastic or opaque-prefer clear as you can see what you sucked up

-plastic pot scrubbers- as filter material

-quilt batting- (found in sewing depts and fabric stores)cheap filter material a large bag lasts a long long time. (make sure it is not mildew treated)

-stainless steel metal spoons- veggie weight with no poky points like a fork.

-plastic measuring spoons- for dosing meds/ferts

-eye dropper for meds and ferts

-rinsed out plastic food containers (yogurt, butter, margarine...)-for water removal, duckweed discard, emergency fish transport.

-Plastic beer cups-for water changes, fish catching.

-shoulder length gloves for reaching deep into the tank-thou they can impair finger action-but if you have a cut it is better than an infection.

-hard wood plant stakes-for planting plants-push plant down with stake and move gravel/sand with the other to bury.

-slate tile-broken for plant weights, used in cave building

-coconut shells as fish shelters

-terra cotta pots and bases as breeding spots and fish shelters

-plastic mesh for filter output diffusers, moss walls, if made into a box used as fish isolation

-scissors for trimming plants

-duck tape used to hold siphon hose to the rubber squeeze starter.

-Plastic bucket-for water removal and replacement

-plastic tote for emergency tank

-Rags,old towels for the water we are all going to spill at one time or another

Any others you can think of please add.
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Instant read digital kitchen thermometer: for testing water change water temp.

2 0z condment cups: for acclimating fish. Take 2 ozs of water from fish bag every 15 minutes, and replace with 2 oz tank water, until the all the water has been replaced.

Rubbermaid storage tubs: makeshift hospital tanks.
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I find a britta pitcher to be very useful.
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Good morning,

I had to chuckle when I saw Gravy Suckers also known as Turkey Basters. Pleco is correct, every aquarist should have one handy and preferably a new one. Do not swipe Mom's from the kitchen! They really come in handy at times.

Plastic Measuring spoons is another good one Pleco! I have a set of 4 that Chef found for me at a thrift store. They measure in Tsp/Tbs on one end and measures in ml's on the opposite end. By using the ml end, I save a bit of whatever I'm measuring compared to using Tsp/Tbs end.

Old bath towels and wash cloths for wiping up spills. Remember, electricity and water DO NOT MIX! Keep your work area and area around your tanks dry!

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I use Sharpie pens to write info on tanks.
Generally things like:

Species name- most of my tanks are 2-3 species max
Who I purchased it from
Date acquired
Fry birth
Anytime medication is added

I know this can also be done with a


But is it easier when you have dozens if not hundreds of tanks running just to write it on the tank.

Sharpies are water proof and wipe off with alcohol.
Fall River
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I would amend the plastic beer cup entry to include filling it with beer and watching the fish do what fish do.
Sea sponges meant for showering make great pre-filters, the ones I get from Wally world also come with a suction cup that's good for holding air lines, AND the whole thing comes in a net bag that can be cut up and used to attach mosses to rocks and wood.
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Added a few more items.
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Hey, look! My thread! LOL I guess since that's posted here, I don't really need to answer this one XD
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I find that slotted spoons are good for grabbing uneaten food and the odd unfortunate corpse that pops up, I find that that nets and forceps crush the stuff I'm trying to grab and make an even bigger mess.

Glass pebbles designed for zen gardens and flower pots look great in my tank.

Also, if you have a loud, old air pump and a hard wood flooring like I do then you will know how much sleep you loose wanting it to shut up. I use a tall, 1.5 liter ice cream container, blue tack and a tea towel to mute it a bit, just line the tub with the towel and wedge the pump in the container so that it isn't touching the bottom. Then blue tack the container to the floor so it won't jiggle around and then BT the air line and power cords to the outside of the tub so that they don't rattle against the motor. It sounds overcomplicated, but what can I say, it lets me sleep at night.

I use a mop squeezing thingies to keep the end of my siphon tube in the bucket where it belongs. It's one of those snap on, snap off jobs.
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I use daughters old burp cloths to clean the outside glass and keep stuff mopped up. Use a measuring cup for plants and plant parts that have come loose, or to hold the plant while I'm rescaping.

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One more thing I forgot, Plastic pasta colanders are perfect for cleaning out gravel with, just the same as sieves are perfect for cleaning out sand.

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