Liquid Fertilizers And Or Root Tabs?

Discussion in 'Plant Fertilizers' started by r5n8xaw00, Feb 28, 2019.

  1. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    Or both necessary or does it depend on the type of plants and tank substrate?

    I ask this because I ran out of Root Tabs several weeks ago, and only using liquid Fertilizers.
    In the past I would use both. But since I have only been using liquid fertilizers and everything seems to be just fine with my plants.

    I have pool filter sand, five amazon swords, and two anubias tied to a large piece of lava rock.

    Thanks in advance...:)

  2. Zigi Zig Well Known Member Member

    Plant fertilizers are available as liquid or substrate fertilizers. Both should only contain the micro nutrients. Liquid fertilizers have to be dosed more frequently; substrate fertilizers will last longer. Since there are no obvious differences in efficiency, it is up to the your preference which to use.
  3. abarb Well Known Member Member

    Amazon swords will do better with the root tabs. But I’ve had some with only liquid fertilizer. Does your liquid fertilizer have micro and macro nutrients?
  4. zfrabutt New Member Member

    It’s is true that amazon swords do better with root tabs. However, your Anubias will do better with liquid fertilizers. This is because the swords are heavy root feeders and Anubias feeds from the water column. I would recommend getting more root tabs for your swords because once they grow large they’re going to require a ton of nutrients. That being said you can grow them without root tabs. Once they start getting larger you may start seeing nutrient deficiencies though.
  5. r5n8xaw00 Well Known Member Member

    I have both Flourish and Leaf Zone, but so far I have only used Flourish, when it is used up I will use Leaf Zone. Strange because when I ordered two types of meds for my fish from Amazon, the order that came was one of the meds, and a bottle of Leaf Zone. Since I can use it anyway, I decided to keep it. My Amazon Swords are medium size, but sounds like both types of my plants need their own particular types of fertilizers, so my plants get what they need.
  6. danhutchins Well Known Member Member

    Root tabs are typically used for root feeders and liquid ferts are typically used for water column feeders. Honestly I use both because I think all plants eat from their roots no matter if they are stem plants or not, if it's in the ground it's a root feeder to me. I use liquid fertilizer just to be more at ease that the plants are getting enough. Over dosing ferts doesn't typically cause algae issues as long as lighting and co2 are correct for your tank.