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    This was before we added fish while the tank was still cycling. Found the Coliseum piece on clearance and instantly knew it was perfect! Also, I'm so glad I made the decision to go with live plants.

    This was our first tank setup, once the fish were accumulated. We had a Dwarf Gourami, whose reflection you can see in the lower back right of the tank (behind the Coliseum). We had 2 mystery snails, 1 that didn't make it and 1 that got chomped on by the Gourami. Also 2 Platy, 1 we since returned.

    Returned the Mickey Mouse Platy (named Pluto) to the store for picking on the Red Wag Platy (Mars) too much. We still have Mars!

    Rehomed the Gourami in April 2018 because he was picking on the Platys too much, not letting them eat or swim around the tank. I do miss this guy, though. He was beautiful and fearless and wonderful to watch!

    I almost forgot we had this guy. Didn't realize when we first got him how fragile Otos are, and he didn't live for more than a few days. His name was Octavius.

    This is the snail we returned to the store because our Dwarf Gourami started to eat him. His name was Bastion, and he was tons of fun to watch! Loved crawling all over the tank walls, plants, and ornaments.

    I loved watching Bastion and his silly antics! Now that we don't have a Dwarf Gourami anymore (that would chomp on a snail), I might have to get another one of these guys!

    This was our second tank setup. Still had the Dwarf Gourami, but the 2 mystery snails are no longer around. 1 of the original 2 Platys was returned to the store for being a bully (the Mickey Mouse Platy was picking on our Red Wag). Was replaced with a Sunburst/Gold Platy.
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  2. LindseyAquamarineNew MemberMember

    Surprise! One of our Platys was female (we seriously thought both Mars & Saturn were males... her fin has an odd coloring to it that made it hard to discern) and we found out the truth when babies began popping out of her! What a cool thing to see, but I had to rush to the store to get this divider!

    It kills me how tiny they were!

    We saved about 8 or so of the babies from the hungry jaws of our Dwarf Gourami. We kept them until the end of December, and at that point just had 5. Rehomed them with my friend, though 3 were pretty little and weak and didn't make it. But the 2 survivors are growing big in her tank!

    I simply fed them fish flakes that were crumbled up as small as I could make them. Seemed to work pretty well!

    Sooooo tiny!

    They're side of the divided tank ended up getting kinda dirty with uneaten flakes. I was too scared to clean it with the gravel vacuum, afraid I'd suck one of the babies up.

    This was at the end of November, when they were almost 2 months old. You can start to see that a couple are going to be red wag like their momma! The two biggest ones are the ones that you could see the color on, and they ended up being the two that survived in the end.

    The dad, Saturn (sunburst/gold), and the mom, Mars (red wag). They've actually had 2 batches of fry together, but the second batch I didn't try and save from being snacks.
  3. JoeCamaroWell Known MemberMember

    Cool tank and cute babies :)
  4. LindseyAquamarineNew MemberMember

    After we rehomed our Dwarf Gourami, Jupiter, I decided it would be good to add a 2nd female Platy. They say a 1 male:2 female ratio is best, anyway, and our single female, Mars, was really stressed. So far this new female, Neptune, has been a wonderful addition! Saturn, the male Platy, likes her, and I love her rainbow wag coloring!

    Looking to possibly add some Mystery Snails again in the nearish future. I want to make sure my original two Platys, Saturn and Mars, are doing completely alright first. I think they're still stressed from the bullying the Dwarf Gourami gave them. Mars is constantly napping under plants, which isn't her norm, and Saturn isn't swimming as freely as usual, either.
  5. LindseyAquamarineNew MemberMember

    Thanks! It was so neat to watch them be born and grow into slightly bigger baby fishes lol I'd probably have another tank if I had the space for it. Maybe in the future :)

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