Lincoln NE Fish Stores

Fish World- not a bad store. Not always a great selection, but fish are generally active and healthy. Not necessarily where you want to go if you are looking for an actual aquarium, but a great place to stock it! Owner is friendly and knowledgeable. Employees helpful. Also not a great place for bettas if you don't want a veil-tail, but they always seem active and healthy.

The Fish Store-pretty good selection, good place to go for pond fish/frogs/turtles and supplies in spring/summer. Bullfrog tadpoles! Usually a great selection of rocks and driftwood. I tend to buy most of my fish here. Sometimes a great saltwater selection as well. Fish are always active and healthy. Have to go often, selection changes frequently, especially for plecos. Great selection of filters and carries most of the Omega One line of foods.

Also featured in this video on youtube:
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