limestone in my tank? also question about my new driftwood.



I collected these and have identified them to be limestone. I know this can raise the pH of the water slightly over time. I have bala sharks, 1 rainbow shark and 2 pink gouramis.

bala sharks like the range from 5.8 to 7.8
gouramis like it from 6.5 to 8.5
rainbow sharks like it from 6 to 8

would this be ok? I know they same limestone is good for cichlid tanks because they like higher ph levels.

also, I bought some driftwood mounted on slate from the LFS. the guy told me that it will release the tannis and that this is potentially harmful to my fish? it can possibly lower the pH of my water.

he said all the wood is different, and to put it in a bucket of water for a couple hours and if the water stays clear it is fine for immediate use. the piece I bought is particularly smooth.

here's my delimma. going on vacation for 7 or 8 days tomorrow. I will have people feeding the fish but that's it. otherwise they will be on their own. I have ZERO decor or cover in there right now. I took everything out to purchase some rocks from the store, but they are so freaking expensive!! my rainbow shark is highly territorial. right now he is in 100% open water with the other fish and is chasing them on occasion. he needs his own spot.

if I just go on vacation without putting any of the wood or rocks in there, I worry that the rainbow shark will stress out or harm the other fish. he's never bothered anything before but he's always had his own spot. on the contrary, if I put the wood and/or rocks in there i'm going to be away from home for a week, and the fish could be affected by putting them in there.

is it possible the rocks slowly raising the ph and the wood slowly lowering the ph could offset eachother? what to do?


well I would just put one in and then the other after vacation but I don't anything about rocks and driftwood


I wouldnt put any of that in the tank until you are back from vaca..although I don't think the tank will raise that fast, or lower, one never knows....I would find a coffee cup or some other type of container you can boil and put in the tank for your rts well as something for the gouramis to feel safe you have a dollar store where you can get some silk floating plants and boil them before you leave? just need to make sure there is no dyes or perfumes and no metal in their to be totally plastic.....the balas like the open space but the others need some type of cover to hide in and call their own....then when you get back, slowly add the rock(if its safe...prairielilly knows rocks so hopefully she see's this) or driftwood where you can keep an eye on the parimeters of the ph

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