Lights Turn Off And On Briefly

  1. m

    muntedtoe Valued Member Member


    I have a juwel rio 300. About 11 months old.
    It has the two light units with 2 T5 lights.So 4 lights total.
    The back unit seems to turn of ever now and then and only for 10-20 seconds at a time. Iv noticed this 4 or 5 times now.
    Does this mean the bulbs are needing replacing or could this be an issue with the unit. Iv checked that everything's plugged correctly too.

  2. matsungit

    matsungit Well Known Member Member

    Both bulbs at once? Or just one bulb? If both of them tun off simultaneously it's likely the outlet that they are plugged into, bad wires, or bad switch. Light ballasts hardly go bad but it's possible. Try swapping outlets they are plugged into, just to eliminate the possibility that it's the outlet, breaker, or house wiring. If it is one bulb at a time then it's the bulb.
  3. OP

    muntedtoe Valued Member Member

    Not sure if it's one blub or two. I just know it's the back. Every time it happens I get up to look and it's back on. But I'll change the bulbs with the front ones and see if it still happens.