Lights For Low Tech Betta Tank Question

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by SujayThomas, Jul 18, 2019.

  1. SujayThomas

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    I'm quite the noob and I have a 7 gallon cube tank (12"x12"x12") with my Double-tail Betta, Aragon, and a few invertebrates (nerite snails and shrimp).

    The plants I have planted are
    1. Cabomba caroliniana
    2. Bacopa monnieri
    3. Cryptocoryne wendtii
    4. Java moss (on driftwood)

    I am currently dosing Seachem's Flourish and Excel as well.

    I am using an old drafting-table lampstand (I like the way it looks with the rest of our home) with an LED Bulb of 12W and 6500K. I also have a 7W and 9W with adjustable colour temperatures. I love the warmer colours (3000K) effect, though. Thetank is in a little room with a decent amount of indirect light coming in during the day (6am-6pm).

    What do you think about the lighting I am currently using? Any changes that you might recommend? Also, how often do you suggest I keep the light on?
  2. Imthatpeep100

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    I personally use 8watt per 1in of water for tanks with plants. So, with 12in that would be 95-100 watts. The plants you have to my knowledge do well with moderate lighting, but in my experience, it's better to put in the money long term. I like to invest my money into lights and fertilizers (and only use soil/CO2 for carpet plants or more needy plants). If you use a LED bulb, all I recommend is to remove the diffuser if you haven't already. That will help more light get into the tank. Could keep your current lights to see how your plants do over time, but depending if you have a lid or not, the light might have trouble penetrating that alongwith the water.

    Edit: Forgot to answer your other question. I find 8 hours to be the sweet spot for tanks, and I do not recommend anymore than 10 hours since you'll probably start getting brown algae (which is not harmful until it starts to suffocate other plants. People usually just don't like the look of it). If you have work or something to prevent you for keeping 8 hours, I recommend an outlet timer. Really helps me out !
  3. Heron

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    The light is mainly needed to keep plants happy and for improving the view for the owner. Your fish won't really care. If your plants survive with the light you have then your ok. If you need a new light cheaply I would recommend a 3W Nicrew clip on aquarium light which I found on Amazon for only 12 pounds. I use one of these on my hospital tank and one on a fry tank. They are reasonably bright and have a blue night setting.
  4. OP

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    Thanks a lot!
    I was actually concerned if 12W was too much. All the plants are growing rapidly, except the moss and crypt (over the last two weeks). There is new growth, but just not as fast. I also added a couple of Pothos stalks and a few stalks of "the Wandering Jew" both immersed in the water.

    There was a light algae film on the glass, but not more.

    With the existing light, a few of the bacopa leaves have actually burnt a bit and three stalks have grown out of the water.
  5. Imthatpeep100

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    Yeah, the plants seem good so far. Just keep an eye on them over time then to see if they need anything. I just know with my set-up's that my plants started doing better once I upped the wattage