Lightly Planted Tank Fertilization

  1. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Hi guys! I am going to be redoing my 55 gallon tank and putting in a few live plants. My substrate is Black Diamond, so no nutrients there. Need some advice on fertilization. The plants:
    1 Anubias barteri (tied to driftwood)
    1 Anubias coffeefolia (tied to driftwood)
    1 Anubias nana petite (tied to driftwood)
    2 bunches (2-4 stems) moneywort (planted in substrate)
    Dwarf Hairgrass (planted in substrate)

    I also will have Marimo moss balls, but not worried about those. They've done really well for me without fertilizers.

    Anyways, I am getting Flourish Root tabs for the Hairgrass and moneywort. My concern is fertilizing my Anubias. I have snails, loach, and various other fish so the fertilizer will need to be safe for these species.

    Side note: should I put root tabs in for dwarf chain swords in my other tanks? I had some melt but I trimmed it off and they seem to be doing good now.
  2. smee82 Well Known Member Member

    I personally just use any generic all in 1 fert i dont think theres ant that will cause issues with your stock.

    I wiuld probably add root tabs if it was my tank.

  3. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Your concern should be the hairgrass, not the anubias. Anubias is a slow grower, so it doesn't take up many nutrients. Hairgrass on the other hair is commonly toted as a high tech plant, I personally haven't kept it so I have no experience, but in general small carpeting species grow much better with CO2 and comprehensive ferts. For now if you have low lighting I recommend root tabs and regular flourish for the water column, which all plants can use. If the hairgrass doesn't do too well you might want a better all-in-one liquid fert.
  4. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for the replies!

    Already plan on the root tabs. Going to buy Seachem Flourish Root tabs.

    I did some research on the hairgrass. I don't need it to carpet, just want to add it because I like the way it looks. If it carpets, okay. Anyways, I am buying a light (I'll put the link below). I will be using root tabs. Any liquid ferts you would suggest? Make sure it's safe for snails. I don't really want to buy a Co2 dispenser (this is already an expensive project for me, I'm 14) but what about liquid Co2 if you think I should definitely add some Co2 to the tank. : Finnex Stingray Aquarium LED Light, 48-Inch : Pet Supplies

  5. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Yes, like I said, flourish should work for the other plants but I'm unsure about the hairgrass. Perhaps you can try Aquarium Co-op's Easy Green. Liquid carbon will help with the Co2 aspect. :)
  6. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

  7. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Yes, that'll be fine with ferts. Seachem's Excel is a bit cheaper on Amazon though.

  8. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Hm. Is Excel a mix of the Co2 and the liquid ferts?
  9. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    No, just liquid carbon. All liquid carbon is diluted glutaraldehyde, no matter the brand :)
  10. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Oh, didn't realize it was liquid carbon. Reading some reviews and some said it killed their fish or don't notice a difference in plant growth. But it does have decent reviews. I'll compare reviews on the two products and come to a decision. Thanks for all the help! I hope the hairgrass does good when I get it.

  11. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    If you overdose it poses a risk, but at the proper dose it doesn't harm anything. It's also not actual CO2 since liquid CO2 only exists in a highly pressurized state, so it doesn't help plants as much as real CO2 would. It still does help, and kills algae too.
  12. Bailey Oswald Well Known Member Member

    Oh, okay, thanks! I'll be sure to follow the correct dosage, then!