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    shawnw Valued Member Member

    I am looking for a lighting setup that is worth the money and has lunar lights built in.. anyone know anything great?
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    Naeusu Valued Member Member

    Here's a great debate!

    Depending on what you want to keep in your tank (either soft or hard corals) is what you can really get. I have a dual ballast T5 VHO with actinic and regular lights that have been great for my tank and seem to be doing fine for my current corals (zoas and leather). If you want to do something harder you'll need LEDS (IMO are ugly) or Halides. I don't think you need actinics with halides but i'm not sure...never thought about it.

    These are the lights i use : but i got them at a better price...and each bulb was about 20 bucks.
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    :animal0068:Hello. I have moved your thread to the Salt Water Aquarium Lighting section of the forum to help you to get more responses.