I haven't got a tank yet but over the next few months I will be collecting my equipment.
I'm going to have a 3 foot long tank. I'm still in research proses at tyhe moment, and its going well, because I'm serious.
I have chosen clownfish, not because there popular or because of the film, but because of the nice relationship with the enemone.
to the point...
how do I go about lighting my tank
I seen something on the net but I can't find it now,
basicaly I need two lighs the hole length of my tank (correct me if I'm wrong), but what kinds, one must be a uv light I know, but that's all.

good sound advise will be very apreciated, Thankyou
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HI there - anemones need very high lighting levels, usually provided by metal halides (very expensive). Most of the experts recommend only using metal halides for anemones. Regular flourescents won't provide enough light for them. Some folks think that you can use power compacts for some species of anemones (e. quadricolor) but I'd use the MH's for them too.

You don't need an anemone to successfully keep clownfish. Regular flourescents will work just fine if you're only keeping fish.


You will also have to check out the compatibility with clowns and anemonies. Try out this website

and this one


Depends How deep your tank is. I have a sebea anenome under PC's in my nano but its only 12" deep. When I had the anenome in my 55 gallon I had it in the mid layer in my tank under PC'S. I wouldnt think NOF would do the job but HO T-5'S will work too but they are more expensive than PC's

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