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As of now, the light on my aquarium is set to run from 10am till 10pm. I recently started working and am up at 6am now.

I have read about turning the lights on for a few hours in the morning, then off for a few in the afternoon, and on again in the evening. I figured this may work for me, having mine come on at 6am, off at 12, then back on at 3, and finally off at 9pm.

This would allow me to feed my fish regularly early in the morning, and still be able to see them with the lights on when I get home later.

Will this work? Or will it make my fish go crazy?


The fish, plants & anything else you have in the aquarium will be fine with those light hours. I run split light cycles on all my tanks & my fish are all happy & healthy. The other good thing about split light cycles is that it can help slow or eliminate algae growth & you can have the lights off during the hottest part of the day.
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Awesome, thanks for the info!

Is that a long enough time to be off during the day?


That is roughly how I run mine - 6-9 then 5-12. As for how long to keep them on it will be a bit of trial and error according to how much algae and how well your plants grow.

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