Lighting question needs answer asap please

HI all.

I have a standard 55 gallon with dual 24" canopys which holds 18" bulbs.

Obviously there are dark spots front to back and side to side.

Will the Coralife Freshwater Aqualight T5 Series - Double Linear Strip NOT ho fill in the gaps if I remove the original canopy and use these?

I would be going from 1/2 wpg to 1 wpg with this fixture. I know it will be brighter, but will the 2 bulb setup and the fact it is now a full 48" fill the aquarium from the darkspots?


I've got the 30" version of the fixture you're looking at and the bulb is significantly shorter than the fixture. But it's got a great reflector so it makes up for it, more or less. I think you'll find the same thing with the 48" version. But I found that the lighting is somewhat dimmer where the fixture isn't (ie, if the light was on the back half, the front half was dimmer) so I made up for it by also using the old T8 fixture I originally had. You might want to try that if it would work on your tank. At least then you wouldn't be wasting a perfectly good light fixture.

Kunsthure, so I will still have dark spots even if the lighting is twice as bright than my current fixtures??

I would only be able to use one set as I was planning on using the original canopy. The 2 fixtures just sit on top so I was going to pull them off and set the coralife on top of the glass where the originals were on.

I thought with 2 bulbs and double the wattage of what I have now, that there wouldnt be any darkspots.... I don't like it very much....still surprised though.

Anybody have any other thoughts or experience?


A solid strip will provide more continual lighting (space-wise), and the higher output will even further fill in gaps, but there will always be areas of an aquarium that are more brightly lit than others. It's usually the corners, and there's probably a little bit of slightly darker spot down the middle of tanks that have a center brace. However, with the setup you're looking at, they probably wouldn't be noticeable, except with a meter.
Thank you.

So you think the Coralife Freshwater aqualight T5no Series - Double Linear Strip would
be a good choice for my tank?

Depending on what you want to do with the tank; yes. I have a 4', 90g tank on which I have a pair of standard T12 tubes, and my plants are doing well.

If you were wanting high-light plants, it would take more, of course.
Thanks, sirdarksol.

I just want a tank for low to med light plants, no algae, and no co2 needed.

Oh yea, I want to see my fish

Yes, that would work just fine for your tank. In high output T5 fixtures, 4 foot fixtures use bulbs that are approximately 4 feet long. I would assume the same for normal output T5 fixtures. It's just the 30 inch fixtures that use bulbs shorter than the fixture IME.

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