Lighting on my 46 gallon bowfront...too little?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Plants' started by FishareFriendsNOTfood, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. FishareFriendsNOTfoodNew MemberMember

    Hey Hey yall,

    This is my first post on this web site so please bear with me if i forget anything. Well I'm in the process of transforming my community/semi-aggressive 46 gallon bowfront to a planted aquarium. I had a 10 gallon that I had started to plant and was really intrigued by the planted aquarium. It looks so natural I just can't get over it. I've been fish keeping for over a year now and my tank currently stocks... two parrotfish (about 2.5 to 3 inches), two boesmani rainbows, two roseline sharks (little guys), 3 barbs, one killifish, one cremcicle lyretail mollie, a blue electric balloon ram (awesome little guy and random I know), angelfish, and four yoyo loaches ranging in sizes. I know its overstocked a bit but my filtration is great and I keep my water pristine, a little algae but that never killed nobody :;perfect.

    Okay now to the real question. Like I said I want to convert to a planted aquarium. I purchased 60 pounds of ecocomplete online and waiting for that to come in. In the meantime I have rootmedic nutrient pills that just came in but I have yet to put them in my gravel. I feel its unnecessary if Im just going to be pulling up my current gravel up in the next week or two anyway. That being said I currently have a marineland double bright led system. It runs 16 1 watt white leds and 8 blues (not sure the wattage). Well I also have a stock 39 watt flourescent fixture that I'm throwing on there. My question is, is that going to be enough light to grow low to moderate plants like amazon swords or dwarf hairgrass cause currently I have both in my ten gallon (which is coming down after I get this one established). Also, I heard that CO2 would help plant growth. These are the plants I'm looking to put in amazon swords, dwarf hairgrass, anacharis, anubias, some other plants that I could maintain. Any ideas? I really appreciate any advice. I would be putting in driftwood and rocks for caves but leave ALOT of swimming space bc I know I'm a bit overstocked. Also do you think an albino pleco would be good with the loaches bc I know they don't harm plants. THanks hope anyone can help. AND I'M SORRY THIS IS SOOOO LONG!!! lol
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    Welcome to Fishlore!

    With my experience in Blood Parrot Fish is that they are substrate diggers. It's not the best idea to do a planted tank with these fish as they will disturb/uproot plants. They may not be doing it now as they are small. They can grow to be the size of a football.

    I'm not familiar with LED lighting for plants. Someone should be along soon to help with that.
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  3. OP

    FishareFriendsNOTfoodNew MemberMember

    Sadly and regretfully I admit these blood parrots have to go but for now I will keep them until I see disruption of the plants. Thanks and hopefully someone can help me with this situation cause as soon as my ecocomplete comes in (in like a week or so) I want to start cookin on the transformation :)

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