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    Hi all! I’ve made some threads about this tank before, but I’d like to ask a question. I had a marine light running on the tank, not a strong one, but too strong to really have any effects on growing plants. In the span of a few days, there was some huge algae growth all on the side of the glass. I know, I know, it’s normal to get algae spikes in a new tank, but I changed the lighting to an old imagitarium nano light. Obviously it’s not meant for a 20 gallon but do you reckon I should use one of these or two? These are freshwater lights. I only want algae growth on the rocks because I rather like the look of algae used as like a natural plant growth, similar to moss.

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    I'd use LEDs for lighting. Last long, makes less heat, the pros never end. If you want algae on your rocks only, prevent any algae in the main tank and do the following.
    1) Get a clear plastic tub
    2)Fill with water and place where suns hit from sunrise to sundown
    3) Grab the desired rocks
    4) Place Rocks in tub
    5) Algae grows
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    Yeah I know how to make the algae rock thingo, but I was more asking about how it looks with one light on the tank or should I add more