50 Gallon Tank Lighting for 51 gallon tank


Could someone please give me some advice on the type of light I need to get.
I want to know the Wattage, the Kelvin rating and the RGB colors on the light (if its required).

The Aquarium's dimensions are;
105cm Length
50cm Width
37cm Height
(Big shallow type)

The plants I intend to keep are;
1. Blyxa Japonica
2. Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis
3. Hydrocotyle Tripartita
4. Micranthemum

I've got sand substrate (3-4mm), layered on top of amazonia soil II. I plan to dose with EI.


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In my opinion, LED lights are the best option. You get more light/watt than other lights. Plus, they are often adjustable in intensity and color, so you can tailor them to your tank.

As far as Kelvin ratings go, it doesn't matter much in terms of what will grow plants. But, the colors/intensity of the light does matter for the form and color of the plants. Also, the light colors can make a big difference for how your tank will appear. LED lights with red, green, and blue (RGB) diodes get better plant coloration than those with white diodes.

I don't know what lights are available in the UAE, but I like the Finnex 24/7 lights. Or, if I really want high light, I like the SB Reef freshwater lights.


A few things to note about this.

The plants you have listed aren't exceedingly demanding, but very manageable with a quality light.

Wattage with modern day lighting doesn't necessarily mean more powerful. A My 120cm Fluval 3.0 Uses 59 watts, and I have a Beamswork light that uses like 90 watts, also 120cm, but the fluval is much more powerful.

With LED lights its more about quality than raw wattage.

Also, with freshwater plants, between 6000K-8000K rating, which should be about 90% of the lights you will find, will do good for you. I wouldn't go more over 8000K because it will give more of a bright white and not enough red into the color, where lower than 6000K and you get to have a bit too much red for aesthetic purposes.

I really like the Fluval 3.0 light, but due to shipping costs, the price of these lights has gone from like $180 to like $250 as of last week. Very good light with excellent customizability, also adjustable mounting bracket so the 36 inch model will fit a 105cm tank. I have heard good things about Twinstar and Kessil as well. All expensive options though, but for more demanding plants you might want it. Another brand to look into is Finnex. They have good lights as well.

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