Lighting and the math behind it..... bubble tip anemone needs some advice.....


my tank. 20"x18"x20 100ltrs 22uk gals 26us gals

2 percs, few soft corals and a bubble tip anemone..

water is of a good quality with regular changes....

lighting set up.... tmc aqua ray 600 strips

from the back of the tank and details taken from tmc website.

reef blue 100% blue X5 50k LEDS
marine white 100% white x5 14k LEDS
reef white x3 14k white x2 50k blue
reef white x3 14k blue x2 50k blue

so all in I have
11 14k white LEDS
9 50k blue LEDS
all have a power of 3watts per LED.

all of my live rock is based in the center of the tank. my BTA has set up camp at the base of the rock at the very front of the tank..
all my corals are doing really...

I suppose what I need to know. is my lighting sufficient for what I'm keeping and the depth of the tank my BTA is living at? what I have found is the spread of light is not that great. the 100% reef blue light which is at the back of the tank does not shine on the BTA at the front of the tank as the BTA is well hidden at the base of the rock at the front.
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The advantage you have is; you have a BTA. The fact that it has setup "home" at the base of the tank indicates sufficient lighting, or too much. BTAs will typically move to an area of the tank where the lighting and flow suits them. If you don't have enough lighting, the BTA will keep moving toward the top in search of more light.

I would think you probably have 'too much' lighting. You could probably drop the Marine White, but if the BTA seems happy, I wouldn't change anything. Just keep an eye on nutrients, and look for any algae growing. Algae would be a sure fire sign that there is too much light.

I have the Maxspect R420r 160W set at 72% for blue and 65% for white, and everyone in the tank is happy.

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