Light Suggestions For 10g Help

  1. Duardo

    Duardo Valued Member Member

    Hello! I have been doing research on lights and I just cant seem to find the right one for my tank. I was hoping people can lead me to a light thats perfect for my situation, so one that isn't too expensive ( honestly not trying to spend more than $50).
    Basically I want a light that is good enough for low to medium light plants, I have little experience planting but I'm a quick learner and will most likely get bored with low light plants. I was hoping to even have a light than can help me with plants to carpet the bottom and was hoping to grow something like Hemianthus glomeratus if that isnt too difficult. This is for a freshwater tank as well

    My tank is only 10 gallons that's about 20 in long, 12 inches tall and 10 inches wide.
    so 20L X 10W X 12H. IT stil lhas the black rims around it.

    Thanks in advanced for any help and any links would be useful!
  2. Ioana Dog

    Ioana Dog Valued Member Member