Light Setting On Kessil? Am I Going To Strong?

Pete Des
I ordered two Kessil A160WE for my 75 gallon reef. I followed a youtube video showing the set up and followed his.

10am 0 color 25 intensity

12pm 15 color 30 intensity

3pm 25 color 50 intensity

6pm 50 color 75 intensity

8pm 25 color 50 intensity

10pm off

is this too much? I only have LPS corals
I wouldn't know... but I know someone who would. grantm91
That seems fine to me as I have an a160 too, mine hits 100 intensity at peak and I only have a red sea nano, my tank is also lps dominated. I used to run mine with a max intensity of about 60 but slowly ramped it up, but honestly with a 75 gallon I say youl be good with those settings from the go, maybe even turn the intensity up and the color down, the blue looks amazing, I'm not a huge fan of whites.

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