Light makes water look yellow

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    Uriel01 New Member Member

    Hi everyone I need help with aquarium lights. I currently have two T8 32 watt 4ft bulbs on my 120 gallon fish tank. Ever since I got the light fixture I haven't had a problem till I noticed that the T8 bulbs make the water look yellow. I Noticed this because I added 16ft of l.e.d lights and the water looked crystal clear I was amazed how clear the water looked, but these lights run hot and didn't last long now I can't stand seeing how my aquarium looks with the T8 bulbs. My question is without investing on an actual aquarium light what kelvin rating would give me the best crystal clear water. Nothing yellow or blue just really clear. Thanks!
  2. Aster

    Aster Well Known Member Member

    Lower kelvin ratings are warmer tones, higher are cooler. 6500k is typically considered daylight, so you could try that.