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    I'm trying to find an LED light for my 75g (48x18) and I seem to have found a good deal at Petco on a Marineland LED Aquarium Strip Light SKU:2398139. It's either that or the Aqueon LED Aquarium Light fixture model 15614 that I found on Amazon. I'm looking for a light that will be suitable for low light plants but not too expensive either, ideally the light will be less than $120. Will either of these work? Please help!
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    What he said. And if you're looking for something that will grow the lower end of medium light plants, consider the Finnex Ray2's
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    Wow, thank you both for the quick response! I'll check it out :)
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    Don't tempt me, I'm tempted to change out my Planted Plus for a Ray 2 lol.. Starting up my aquarium plants for sale on Craigslist soon...

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    For getting started with a low light / low tech tank, the Finnex Planted Plus is the way to go. It will put most tanks in the low to medium light range. The Ray 2 is much brighter and will put most tanks in the medium to high range.

    Almost all of your supplies and equipment needed will be found for much cheaper online. Unfortunately the local places and big box stores are so overpriced it's ridiculous. Save your money, do some planning and check out places like for your supplies, and amazon or ebay even for some equipment.