Light Bulbs and Light Fixtures

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    :;rules ok so i have read about the different types of plants and the proper nutrients they need to survive. But what im still stuck on is the lighting. now i have been told i need about 6,500 for my plants. then i was all so told is all i need is about 2 - 4 watts per gallon now what should i focus on the 6,500k or the watts. if it well help i have a 60gallon tank Dimensions: 48-1/4"L x 12-3/4"W x 57-3/4"H now i have been told that i well have to purchase and new light fixture. but i was a little worried because my tank has this plastic strip going down the middle to properly hold up both the light fixtures the tank came with. and i was told i should get a 48'' long fixture but would that plastic strip be a problem for the lights. and all so if any one knows of a web site i can take a look at buying a new light fixture please let me know thank you
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    throw the watts per gallon rule out the window. But 6500-6700k is best for plants. It depends what lights you have some lights reach deeper into the tank then others. T5 high output (T5HO) is going to reach deeper so you will not need as much wattage, T5 is not going to reach quite as deep put still a great all around light for plants. Power compact (PC) is the least powerful i would use for plants out of those. What plants have you been looking at?
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    i haven't really picked out plants just yet im trying to know more about the care of them first mainly the lighting and then ill go more deeper into my fish to find out what they would prefer right now i have 4 corys, 3 dwarf gouramis, 4 platies, and 1 betta and thinking angels
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    For a 60g I would get a T5HO with 6700k plant bulbs they will have a pinkish tint to them you can get them at homedepot or lowes. The reason I say to get the T5HO is because if you really get into plants you be able to successfully keep a little more high maintance plants over the T5. But IMO the substrate is just as important plants get 4-400 times more nutrients through there roots then leafs
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    thats pretty sweet but it says european style, I'm not sure what that means. But the 48" freshwater light would be perfect!