Light Brown Algae on everyting but the glass.

  1. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    See pics...
    Light Brown Algae on all the plants and rocks. Also a almost black algae.

    Never seen this before.


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  2. GgAcE Member Member

    Can I first say "what a pretty tank!!!!!"? Very nice set-up. As for the algae.... I can see a LOT of glare in your first image. How much direct sunlight is this tank getting during the day?

    Do you use blue lights at night?
  3. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    That's only glare, I get zero direct sunlight.
  4. GgAcE Member Member

    Darn... I was hoping at some point sunlight from one of those many windows would have reached the tank...

    So my other question - Blue lights at night by chance?
  5. FiscCyning Member Member

    Wow, beautiful tank!

    Hopefully we can get your algae problem sorted out for you. How long do you keep the tanks on for each day? Also, can you test your water to check for high nitrate levels? Any changes to the tank before the algae showed up?
  6. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    No lights at all at night.

    Last time I checked nitrates were ZERO and lights are on for 8.5 hours using the EHEIM Power LED light.
  7. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    If it will not cause you to be overstocked, I would suggest a Bristle Nose Pleco to take care of the Diatoms. Nerite Snails will also help if you do not mind little white eggs all over the place, and these eggs are difficult to remove. (they will only hatch in saltwater/brackish water but are fine for fresh water aquariums)

    I see that this tank was set up 6/15/14 so I'm not surprised that you are having this issue. It's very common in newly set up aquariums. Too, try reducing the light by another 1/2 hour for now to get to the root of the issue.

    Beautiful tank!

  8. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    I do have a bristlenose pleco. I got him 2 weeks ago now. The pleco when I got him the for the few few days he cleaned everything, now he just sits there, I realize hes more a nightime cleaner but I don't see any cleaning. I can tell from the rocks he cleaned initially, but now algae is back on them.

    But I don't think I can find any Nerite snails in my town. I will try and get a few.
  9. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member


    Give your Pleco one of these :nono: and tell him to get busy! :) I have a female Bristle Nose and Nerite Snails and no Diatoms. Eventually the Diatoms will stop but it may take a good while. Too, hopefully your Pleco will get on the ball before long.

  10. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    Ok just did a water test.
    Nitrates (20) are tad high with weekly 30% water changes, 2 canister and 1 HOB filters.
    Ammonia is always a steady .25...
    Nitrates 0
    Im wondering if I am feeding them too much. But nothing reaches the bottom. I usually only feed them 1 time/day.

    I figured since I had so much filtration I would be totally fine.
    See profile for info.
  11. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    Only been about 4 months since last time, but maybe should I clean both Canister filters?
  12. GgAcE Member Member

    I suggest not cleaning both at the same time. I have 2 canisters (Fluval FX6) on my 125 gallon. I usually clean both of them once a month but one 2 weeks apart from another. If it's been 4 months since you last did any maintenance on it, you may want to review your media to ensure it's active. Carbon & such only lasts so long.
  13. Ziabis Well Known Member Member

    I don't use carbon, I may need to get to pads and such.