Lifespan Of Gouramis?

  1. Ski Member Member

    I have 3 gold color Gouramis for almost 3 years now, they have grown from about 2 inches to about 5 in that time, always thriving.
    Lately they have been slow and acting odd. No outward signs of illness (spots, fungus, etc). They are eating.

    Are they just old at 3 and at the end of a happy life?
  2. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

  3. Ski Member Member

    Not sure. They are a golden color
  4. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    A lot of places list the lifespan for most gouramis as 4 years. Pearls at 8. But that is a guideline and probably for people who only take okay care of their tanks. I was just on a site trying to get you information and someone had a problem with a 16 year old kissing gourami. Of course everyone started the "Oh really? that must be a world record!" type of reply until a couple other people started chiming in saying it was quite possible, they had gouramis live a very long time. I think that is quite the exception but 5 to 6 years would be expected.

  5. Ski Member Member

    An update.
    One of these 3 Gouramis passed last month. Another is doing fine.
    The 3rd on has been eating well and swimming, but for the last month has, at times, been standing on his head or is doing spinning acrobats.
    Most of the time he seems normal. Anyone have any idea as to what gives with him?

    All of the other fish in the tank are well.