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Hey guys,
I was wondering if keeping a betta in a lidless aquarium would be safe. I would keep the water level at about 1 1/2 inches below the tank rim. I would also keep the water pristine and keep live plants and other things to entertain him so he doesn't think about jumping.
I know there is always the chance they could jump, even if you take lots of precautions.
What do you guys think?
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I wouldn't.


I have seen it done multiple times so I'm sure if you really wanted to you could do so without too much worry. Bettas can sometimes jump up to 3 inches though so you would likely want to increase the distance between the water and the lip. I however would not personally recommend going without one. A lid also helps minimize evaporation and makes it a lot harder for things to tumble into your tank.


Buy cheap plastic canvas mesh. Cut it to the shape of the top. Presto!


Ive never had a problem with jumping bettas and have kept them in lidless tanks. So long as you keep up with water quality and make sure any tankmate(s) your betta has dont harass him you should be fine.


I wouldn’t go lidless even my long finned male jumps when it’s supper time. Even if water quality is perfect some bettas will still jump if given the chance.


It really depends on the personality of the betta - I have had several, and some were jumpers (you could hear him bang his head on the lid at feeding time), and some are just too lazy/mellow to even bother trying... I would suggest putting some cling film over the top for the first couple of weeks, .. if you don’t have a wet fish-shaped patch on it, and it stays taunt (not loosened from something poking at it from the inside) you may be able to get away with no lid. If there is any sign that he/she is jumping, don’t risk it!

This is no guarantee - I wouldn’t suggest you begin to leave it uncovered unless you are nearby with good hearing, so you can hear if something goes splat-flop-flop!

I have had one particular betta for several years without any jumping, and just last month I left the lid off to help the tank keep cool during a mini heat-wave... luckily I was in the other room with the tv off - I heard that distinctive sound and went in to find my poor guy flopping around on my wood floor!


I kept a betta in a lidless tank that jumped when he got startled by a loud noise. There is always the risk of jumping in a lidless tank and I would recommend a lid of some sort.
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