Lid And Light For 5 Gallon Betta Tank?


Hey, all!

Several months ago, we bought a 5 gallon emergency hospital tank from Wally World. It now houses a betta and nerite snail.

The cover is a cheapo one piece plastic deal with a small led light. Now I'd like to upgrade to a better light and lid. I'm thinking an all glass lid with an led light. Something that will support low tech plant growth. Glass lids are readily available, but I'm getting confused on the light.

What do you use/ suggest? Clip on? Light bar that spans the tank?



I use this on my 5.5 g tank;

The plants grow very nicely, but now everything is covered in brown algae, so I can't be sure if it's from the light or not. But before that came, everything was looking great with the light!


I bought a small window planter from menards for $4. Then bought a light socket with switch for $3, then wired up a old cord I had laying around. I used a 5k 60 watt equivalent led bulb which works nice if you don't mind diy. I can explain the whole process if interested. Its nice since you can change the brightness of the bulb.

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