Levamisole/praziquantel Safe To Use With Apple Snails?

  1. queeqyo Initiate Member

    I've successfully used Colombo Bactyfec (which contains Levamisole and Praziquantel) before, to treat Camellanus worms in my fish. I've now spotted the worms in a guppy in a different tank, one that also houses a couple of apple snails. Would the snails survive the treatment? I've read snails can be carriers for parasites, so I'd love to be able to treat them too, just in case!

    Thanks :)
  2. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    Snails are more closely related to parasites than to fish so I wouldn't trust it. Praziquantel may be okay, but levamisole is definitely not.
  3. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Actually, I thought Levamisole was toxic to invertebrates too, but this article makes a strong case it is , in fact, when used as directed, perfectly fine for treatment.
    Levamisole Hydrochloride — Loaches Online
  4. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I just read about this site:
    FURTHER CAUTIONS: Due to the cut and paste nature of the Internet, some websites (such as Loaches online) have started an Internet rumor that Levamisol HCl is invertebrate safe, which of course common logic says it cannot be (not to mention my own extensive use). Think of it this way, how can you have a roach spray that is roach safe?
  5. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    I'm sorry, this link is not taking me anywhere. Could you provide a direct link.
    Thanks- I would really like seeing the argument against this.
  6. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Did I miss something? I was expecting more... so the argument in its entirety is the little blurb you posted. Usually, when you want to make a case against another findings you use some kind of build-up of evidence- there is nothing at all but an off-handed dismissal.
  7. KimberlyG Well Known Member Member

    I'm not trying to make a case. I simply said I just read about that site. Touchy aren't we?
    I've found a few levamisole products such as Subquaria that state it is not safe for snail. I'll go with the manufacturers recommendations and that and those of their research and development teams.
  8. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Nah, not at all touchy, just surprised, thought you were directing me to something, I dont know, substantial. So, again, a little surprised. Especially with your assertion that anthelminthic drugs, "Levamisole," should not be used in any form with invertebrates. I thought you had some information that I hadn't read .
    Absolutely, go with the manufacturers recommendations, I agree wholeheartedly.
    But to state that this drug is unsuitable in the presence of invertebrates, as you did above, is debatable. Your recommendation would be better qualified with a statement such as "to use with invertebrates is contingent on manufacturer's instructions."
    Angelsplus.com, for instance, clearly states that Levamisole HCL is safe for invertebrates.

    Also, I didn't mean "build a case" by you directly. I meant the person that you linked to. Sorry, I should have clarified that.
  9. AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    I haven't done any research or worked with levamisole. Do you think it could be dosage related? (Certain brands may have a different dilution/release rate for the med.) Whether or not it is safe for inverts? I have no experience with it, so unsure of the particulars.
  10. queeqyo Initiate Member

    Just to clarify, I would of course be following the manufacturers directions for the dosage! I'm mostly curious if someone here has tried using levamisole on a tank with (apple)snails and what happened to them.
  11. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    He actually did try to link you to a site that has rather good, if opinionated information. The site is banned by Fishlore though due to his opinions of our community, so it cuts the domain name out of the link.
  12. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Thanks for that. I will go back and try to access that information.
  13. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Curious, @Sarcasm Included - do you have any thoughts on this? The use and safety of 100% Levamisole powder with invertebrates?
  14. Sarcasm Included Well Known Member Member

    Levimasole destroys the intestine and muscle cytoplasmic material in nemotodes, which makes me tbink you have near zero survivability of your snail.
  15. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    When I returned to the article I found information linked that made a strong argument against the claim that Levamisole is an immunology booster and information on the research conducted by a scientist on Redox, but, not concerning the question of snails and the use of Levamisole. It is a very complex article and I am neither a scientist nor an expert in pharmacology.
    Maybe I was supposed to know information provided in the article (a shared assumption) that would allow me to make further judgements on the link concerning Redox balance, the invalid claim that Levamisole is an immune booster, and its application in snails.