Let’s talk about our other pets!

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I'm new to the forum and want to get to know everyone. So, what other kinds of pets do you have besides fish? Also what kinds of fish do you have? I have a dog (American Stafforshire Terrier/ Husky mix) and a hamster. For fish, I have a Dwarf Gourami, a couple panda corys, a mystery snail, and an upside down catfish.
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I keep pearl gourami, cory catfish , swordtails, guppies, neon rosy barbs, glolight tetras, and endlers.
I also have a cute little dog named Lola, she is a shitzhu, Maltese, toy poodle mix. I also have 50+ chickens and just rehomed my ducks.
I used to keep ducks and chickens, also guinea hens. My chicken population turned cannibal though and ate their own eggs

Also thousands of miscellaneous animals on my land
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I used to keep ducks and chickens, also guinea hens. My chicken population turned cannibal though and ate their own eggs
Eggs are their favorite food! It’s not really cannibalistic until the eggs have been incubated for 21 days.
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I keep pearl gourami, cory catfish , swordtails, guppies, neon rosy barbs, glolight tetras, and endlers.
I also have a cute little dog named Lola, she is a shitzhu, Maltese, toy poodle mix. I also have 50+ chickens and just rehomed my ducks.
My mom has a shih Tzu and Mamés her Charlie. They are adorable dogs!
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I have a Domestic Medium Hair (Mixed Breed) cat that my sister named Herbert (only because she was young and it kinda half rhymed with sherbet). he is an outdoor cat because the neighbors don't mind and he was a farm cat before we got him, so he needs exercise. I also have an adopted Catahoula Leopard Dog named Charleigh and shes a sweetheart. My fish are 2 angels, 3 peppered cories, some pygmy cories, 2 otos, a female apisto, a whole ton of guppies, some khulI loaches, a lone rummynose tetra (his school had some... casualties. working on getting more), 2 bristlenose plecos, a panda garra, and three goldfish.
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I have 4 cats, chickens, a dog, and a parakeet
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One small rescued Yorkie. Could not be sold for big money because he has alopecia. He is great, but a little pig and would eat until he busts wide open.

We had a Shiz Zue. Sorry about the spelling, but he was and is the best dog we ever had. Reliable and was at my wifes side until we had to put him down.
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Fish: a male betta splendens named Reggie

Aquatic inverts: nerite snail named Eggs, many many baby mystery snails

Amphibians: African Dwarf Frog named Eddie

Terrestrial inverts: a snail, a millipede, and a colony of springtails

Terrestrial Plants: golden pothos, aloe vera plant, a few different succulents that I don't know the name of, various mosses/grasses/weeds in my terrariums

Aquatic plants: duckweed, cabomba aquatica, anubias barterii, java fern, crypt lucen, creeping jenny, water wisteria, aponogeton, probably missing a few

Dog: Australian shepherd mix named Mabel

Cat: short haired tabby named Pip

If you count the pony I'm helping to train, then I also have a pony
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Your cats are beautiful! Are they Bengals? They kind of look like it.

Thank you. Yep, they’re both Bengals.
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Aww I love talking pets! We have a 5 year old Portuguese Podengo named Trapper, two cats - the big guy is Cat King Coal and the lil guy is Bo 10 and 9 years old. In the tank, just 5 happy lil zebra danios, all named Fish.
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I got two dogs, Judge Judy and Sigyn, Belgian Malinois and Australian Cattle Dog


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I just recently had to have my Jack Russel/dauchsund mix put down. Her name was Lucy and she was the best dog, I had her for 18 years. I don't think she can be replaced. And then there's Arie: our 6 year old boxer/doberman mix. She's neurotic and a delicate little flower. Then we also have Kirra: She's our 2.5 year old Border Collie/Flat coated retriever mix and she is chocked full of rambunctious energy. She is hard headed, persistant, relentless, addicted to fetch, and harrasses me constantly with her toy, but I can't help but love her to pieces because she makes such a scene whenever my car pulls into the driveway no matter how long I've been gone. I can't complain about the unconditional love she displays towards me. She's a good girl on the inside. I understand her. Then there's Gemma: The newest addition to the family, a 2 year old Silver Domestic Medium Hair Mix that I found in our garage one night when it was raining, she hopped right up in my lap and snuggled for an hour or so until I realized that she must belong to someone since she was so friendly and loving, so I took her to the animal shelter before I got to attached, after a week I called to check in on her assuming she had been picked up by her owner already only to find out that she was still there and now being offered for adoption, so I went ahead and went back down to the shelter and adopted her and brought her home. She's decided she is strictly an indoor cat on her own and never leaves our bedroom which is good because I don't really believe people should let their cats roam, so she's a perfect fit. Gemma Kitty provides us with a whole new world of kitty shenanigans we didn't even realize we were lacking.
And as for aquatic pets: 2 african dwarf frogs, 3 plecos, 3 male bettas, 12 glofish tetras, 4 white skirt tetras, 2 black skirt tetras, 2 platinum guppies, 2 dalmatian mollies, 2 turquoise sword tail guppies, 1 green cory cat, 1 blue platy, 1 gold platy, 3 koi, 2 oranda's, and 1 shubunkin. And of course the aquatic collection is always growing.
Lucy- Words cannot even express how much I miss this dog- and how much I wish that there was something else I could have done to keep her here with me. I just find comfort in knowing that she is no longer in pain. Forever my puppy.
2016-06-09 12.30.20.jpg
Arie the drool queen.
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I have assorted fish, a sweet pup,
and several chickens. This is one of my favs, Baby.
She got an injury on her vent area before we got her. When chickens she something like that they will peck it. Strangely enough, chickens love the taste of blood... We had a smaller coop for chicks that we weren't using, so that became her new home. She could graze with them, but when they were in their coop at night they bullied her. She was my chicken and I can usually come up with names right away. I couldn't come up with one that was perfect for her, so I just called her Baby. It stuck and she learned to come to me when I called her name. She recently passed away, but I loved her. That reminds me... once we had a group of hens whom I would let out every morning. I would whistle "50 Nifty United States" as they would run after me to get their morning scratch. I had some friends over a few weeks later who wanted to see them. They were deep in the high grass so I couldn't go get them. I told my friends I had an idea. I started whistling the song and 6 balls of fluff/feathers came hurtling at us. Sorry for the rambling, but I recently got a new girl whom I named Comet. (She is a golden Comet chicken) Over the period of the whole quarantine thing, I managed to bribe her to come when I say Comet. I will post pics if y'all want.
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Fish wise, I've got guppies, penguin tetras, peppered corydoras, a betta, and four goldfish as of today!

I've also got a dog (Sid), a horse (Quest), 2 cats (Molly, Suzy), 5 chickens (Clara, Shadow, Steven Dorking, two unnamed), 5 goats (Nibbles, Hope, Storm, Ebony, Trixie), and about 150 cows (including Centine, Coatie, Smudge, Reddy, Yam, Turnip, Potato, Parsnip, and Squash).
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A lot of fish and these 2 Mia and Guinness.
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Betta splendens, Betta albimarginata (2), Asian stone catfish (6), amano shrimp (3), nerite snail, gold ring danios (6), scarlet badis, mystery snail, kubotai rasbora (3), P. alleni crayfish, and marmorkreb crayfish (2).

-Leopard Gecko (2)
-Hog Island Boa (3)
-Burmese Python (4; two caramel, two normal het caramel)
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have the most adorable shetland sheepdog, asia, and
Asia_Chewing_Nerf_Dart.JPG she is a service dog for my grandfather. my favorite fishy pet is my crayfish (no suprise). she is 11 and still bouncy and playful (the dog, not the crayfish) . and there is a pic of my dad's dog, ripple.
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post pics of ur other pets! (none of ur brother or sister plz)


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1. My guinea pig, Ginger (she passed away last year )


2. My sister’s bearded dragon


3. Not a pet, but this is a dove that hangs out by our house

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thats awesome! by far my favorite is the randombird haha. do u feed him? if so hes ur pet. u should put a bowl out for him to bath in
There's actually 2 doves, but I didn't get a picture of the other one. They were trying to build a nest, but it kept falling off lol. I don't feed them though, but we do have a water bowl in our backyard for birds and my neighbors cat
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My cat, Sebastian:



Our family cat, Spider:



And my horse, Bandit:



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my girl Lacy
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I know this forum is called "Fishlore" and that is why we are here but... who said we can't have pets that are not fish? haha
Do you guys have any pets that are not fish? Do you think they are easy to care for? I have lots of fish as well as two birds, and I wouldn't say that they are the easiest to care for, but it is worth it. hilarious
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I have dogs, barn cats (they were abandon here), parakeets, bearded dragon, mini horses, goats, donkeys, chickens, and ducks.

I live on a farm so I have a big list but most of them do not live in the house haha!
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I have had pretty much everything at one point or another, but I currently have a doggo, a kitteh, a ball python, a corn snake, a leopard gecko, a crested gecko, rats, a blind mouse, and some darkling beetles. I've been thinking about getting some garter snakes too, but haven't pulled the trigger on whether to get them or just upgrade my corn snake's house.
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We actually have a whole section of the forum that is dedicated to nonfish related creatures, activities, and other informing pieces. It is further down towards the BSTF section of the forum. You will likely find ones for dogs, cats, wild and tame creatures of all kinds.
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I have 1 dog (Belgian Malinios), 2 cats that used to live in the house, but now live in barn, and fish
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I have one dog, and her name is Molly. We are getting a flock of chickens soon.
We had another dog before Molly but she got run over by a car on a bike ride down our road.

Here's Molly. She's two years old.

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Oh yeah, forgot pics
Lol. Third pic is Elsha (my dog) "social distancing"
Oh, and Cowboy, my horse. He's technically my aunts, but they don't ride him, so he's my spoiled baby.


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I have a 13 year old blind dog and a 20 year old anerythristic corn snake
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Love all of them so far! Keep them going!
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I didn't add pics either! Here's my little old lady Angel
And this is Salem!
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My family currently owns one dog, a Golden Retriever. My sister has a parakeet. And we have 3 chickens out back that get eggs from on a daily basis
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Well I do have a thread about my super active dogs . So let me give you another action shot.
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I know this site is about fish, but I want to know about your other pets too! I have a dog named maizie who is a pyrenees mix, a betta named patriot, a cory cat named sparkler, and a mystery snail named general washington.


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