Lets sort these plants XD

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    I picked up 2 plants from the store today, a water sprite and a rotala. Both of them came in numerous separate stems(bundles) and i want to see if i got this right.

    The water sprite
    I have most of it in the shrimp tank. It will get window and artificial lighting.

    then i put some in my 29, which is more or less weaker lighting, almost 1wpg.
    then i put 1 small tiny one in my 10gal which has 3wpg. Because i thought this would be too high, i shaded it with some java fern.

    Then we have the rotala
    Its really healthy, i like. I moved a few stems into my 29 just to see what happens, it will probably die...but hey.
    The rest of it is in the 10gal, 3wpg should make this a happy plant correct? The idea is to have it stretch across the surface of the water to semi shade the tank.

    I belive both plants have been know to drop leaves when first planted right? I planted the rotala in the gravel. Just directly in, and the sprite i have some floating and some in the gravel. Correct me if i just screwed up. I also dont have any excess forms of fertilizer or C02.
    With the Rotala, surprisingly enough, i got some duckweed. It was in the green stuff these things come planted in, small individual green leaves with roots right?

    Also, there was a 3rd plant i saw, that i thought was really nice, a bacopa(?) it looked sorta like the rotala, i was wondering if it was any good for my setups? Im only paying $4 a plant right now, for any plant and they have a ton. Most of them are swords and bacopas though.
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    Nice plants and easy to propagate :)
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