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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by PsychedelicLemon, Jun 28, 2019.

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    I've had this Betta for a few months now, probably. Ive moved him to a smaller separate tank (10L/2.5G) from my 70L as my Bolivian ram was nipping his tail. No big deal.

    I was quite suspicious that he had velvet when I moved him, so I gave him a salt bath and started treatment using a mild copper sulphate medication. That was maybe 2-3 weeks ago. The metallic gold hasn't gone away, if anything the colouring under his gills have just gotten a more solid metallic gold colour. (he's got a dark maroon body with a red tail with blue accents). But if it was velvet, surely he wouldn't have lasted this long with it.

    He's active and eating well and thankfully, since moving him to the smaller tank his fins have unclamped. However, they have started to shred even more, which I'm very concerned about. There is no additional black or white edging so I don't think it's fin rot - he has a little white regrowth and some natural black edging, though most of that has been shredded away.

    In the last week he's started flashing, and he's now ripped off quite a few scales, including quite a big patch on his head. He has no evidence of ich, and from what I can tell his gills don't look red and swollen (hard to tell due to his colouring).

    His pH always starts at 6.5 when I do the weekly 50% water change, but for some reason both my tanks are always at 7.5 by the end of the week (any insight here would also be appreciated, my small tank is not currently planted, but will be in about a week. My 70L is planted and has a piece of driftwood.) Ammonia levels are currently at 0.25ppm and nitrite is 0 and my nitrates are also 0 as of today (strange as I used to have it constantly at 5, maybe the copper sulphate from earlier killed the bacteria?) and I keep his temp at 25 degrees.

    Please help, I've been having so many issues with this little guy from the day I bought him and I just want him to he happy and healthy. At some point I'd like to upgrade him to a 5gal, but I can't afford it at the moment.
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    Hello there,
    A couple of years back, I had a half moon Betta (red-pinkish (color) that had similar “velvet” issues with yours. He started to develop gold metallic coloration on his body but he didn’t seem like he had a problem at all. However, he died off after a few months.

    I think you do have velvet though, “gold rust” and flashes or the fish rubbing itself on objects is common in the early stages of velvet.
    I may be wrong, but I think there’s a good chance of it being velvet.

    Even though your fish may still be active now, once the parasite continues to grow, the fish will get lethargic and no longer want to eat.

    You could treat with meds like copper sulfate or malachite green, or you could go for the heat and salt road.


    How often are these flashes? If he constantly does them or frequently does them then there’s definitely irritation. I caught my Severum rubbing against the wood the other day, and he did it 4-5 times in 10 minutes but he eventually stopped, guess he just felt itchy.
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    I was almost certain it was velvet, but now I'm not so sure since he's had it for a few weeks now and aside from the colouring and the recent flashing he's had no other symptoms. Either way, my earlier treatment with copper sulphate did nothing.

    He flashes a couple times a day for about 30 seconds.

    I made a new discovery today, I had a little tree stump thing in there covered in a fake modelling grass style moss. When I was cleaning the tank and lifted it a flurry ofthe fake grass sticks fell off (even though I had soaked and rubbed it thoroughly when I first got it to prevent this.) I immediately took him out because I was worried about him sucking them in and getting it stuck in his gills. I'm considering the possibility that there are some of these tiny sticks floating around and irritating him? I did a 100% water change (I know thats not usually recommended but I didn't know how else to get rid of them) and put him back. I did spot him flashing a bit a while later so if that is the problem there may be some left that were in the pebbles.

    However, it doesn't explain the colouring under his gills.
  4. treadingwater

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    Can you post pictures? It would help to see what youre seeing.

    When I do a water change in my beta tank I use tank water from my 125G/473L tank. I also do a 50% water change every day. Maybe this will help a bit to make him a bit more comfortable?
  5. OP

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    He's asleep in his little house at the moment and is refusing to come out. But I'll link a video where you can see it pretty well - it was taken a week ago so the evil tree stump is in it. He had only been flashing for a day or two when I took it and his fins are a lot more shredded now.

  6. treadingwater

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    Hes a beautiful fish but I dont see anything out of the ordinary around his gills. But that could just be me. Hes moving pretty fast so maybe someone else could see something I dont.

    His fins may be beaten up from thrashing around so much. It looks like hes not having a great time in the smaller tank. Kinda like a farm dog thats been free rein and then goes into a city leash law? Your beta is a free spirit and looks like has a case of the zoomies in that video :D