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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by CCinBama, Apr 25, 2019.

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    So I have a 45g with a 2" EBA, 3" Sev, 2 angels, some dithers and cories. Am currently setting up a new 60g that I will likely move these guys into. Is there room for anything else? I am IN LOVE with my EBA, but don't think I can have two. Also need new suggestions for the 45 when I move it. I am partial to new world cichs, but a 45 limits me. Open to suggestions of entertaining fish, but I don't want just one guy in there (45 will move to my office and I work from home, so want a nice distraction!). Looking forward to your suggestions for both tanks!
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    New world cichlids?

    One that comes to mind - and Im sure others will say the same - is to have a tank centered around a a pair of rams (such as Bolivians, german blues, electric blue rams ect) or apistos and a group of smaller peaceful tetras - or if you dont mind, some rasboras from Asia are gorgeous! - and a group of the smaller cories or kuhlies to finish off the tank.

    Its simple, easy and rather attractive tank that suits the bright flashy fish, a nice school of fish moving around the tank like a cloud and something to add visual interest on the bottom!
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    Agreed. I saw a tank once with a pair of German blues, a school of espei rasbora (bright copper-orange), a school of cardinals, and a school of cory cats. Such a colorful tank! I also love rummies in large tanks for their schooling behavior.

    I'm building a 30g right now that will have 15 silvertip tetras, an apisto (leaning towards cacatuoides, although there's a local place that stocks agassizii "fire red" that are stunners), and cory cats. I have 10 silvertips so far, and they are FANTASTIC to watch. They are always super active, use every inch of the tank, and like to "play tag" (my 4 year olds phrase). No harm done, just normal chasing/sparring behavior within the species. In larger groups they will also swarm when you put your hand to the glass. Males are bright copper-orange, females are silvery lemon. My new favorite fish!
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    I’ve been put off by rams as everything I read says they are very sensitive and hard to keep, also need temps higher than other fish I might add. (I think thats just the GBR though)
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    It's true, GBR (and the color variants gold, electric blue, and black) need 82-84 degree temps. Cardinals and rummies do well at those temps, as do some cory species. They're also sensitive to water conditions. That said, they're also colorful and have tons of personality. Apistos and bolibian rams can handle more "normal" temps and are a little hardier.