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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seamount, Jul 31, 2014.

  1. seamountValued MemberMember

    I have always been curious about other fish owners and how meaningful their tanks are to them. I have been an avid aquarist (new to cichlids) for about 5 years now and man is it one of the greatest things I have ever gotten into it. Its hard to describe. Its addicting... I love it. My question is, are most of you out there others like me who just love the hobby who have been in it for a long time (I am brand new compared to some!)? are there store owners out there? do the store owners like it? I am in college and thinking about my future and can't stop thinking about the possibility of incorporating this amazing hobby into a career. So yea.. just want to hear about others thoughts/experiences/how you got here to write this response!

  2. ToniaWell Known MemberMember

    I love my tanks, I have 4 up and running right now, all with different setups and fish in them. The largest tank I have had was a 110 gallon aquarium. I loved it, but had to sell it when I moved to Canada because it was just too easy to end up with it broken in the back of a moving truck.

    I have kept fish for at least 30 years now and I'm still learning new things!

  3. seamountValued MemberMember

    awesome! great to see how long people have been in the hobby and that they are still into it

  4. EricVFishlore VIPMember

    I've been keeping fish for over 20 years myself and have run a small breeding business for the past 7. :)
  5. junebugFishlore LegendMember

    <-- future store owner? Lol I have a small e-business I'm hoping to expand, selling fish and shrimp. I've had bettas on and off for most of my life and will always have a soft spot for them in my heart. I bought a baby betta just the other day because I didn't want bad things happening to him if someone else got him... plus he wasn't a VT female like most of the "baby bettas" you see at Petco.

    I'm also VERY into wild type fish, species preservation, and biotope tanks, now that I'm nearly 30 and old enough to know what I want to do with my fish-love.
  6. k9z3boysValued MemberMember

    i am just getting started-- as in just over 2m... wanted a fish tank for awhile and now have the room. was totally ignorant about care the nitrogen cycle.
    some days i am excited and eager, some days i just want to huck it all.
    we have 4 tanks running now and a 90 on layaway ( 2 of the tanks will be taken down once we get the 90)
    i was told fishtanks are calming and good for your BP... gives me anxiety and makes my pressure go up!

    i think you should use your knowledge and your passion and absolutely do something with fish! find a job you will love and you will never work a day :)
    even if yo dont open your own business, you could work at at aquarium and take care of some real neat ( big!) fish...or neato little ones :)
  7. tmillsNew MemberMember

    My bedroom is a fish room can't even put a bed in there, I started with a steel framed 15gal about forty years ago WoW! I didn't realize. I keep sw and fw Tang. Cichlids and clowns, can anyone say obsession!!!
  8. 77ImpalaWell Known MemberMember

    I have about 5 years experience over 15 years. Love having them and thanks to this forum have learned so much over this last year. Having said that it amazes me that my first tank did as well as it did with me tearing it down every 2 to 3 months for deep cleaning not knowing I was destroying the very thing I needed for a good healthy tank. No one back then told me about the nitrogen cycle and how to keep it going.

    For my seven year anniversary with my wife last year she got me restarted back into the hobby. And for me getting the first 2 tanks cycled was a chore. My 10 gallon worse than my 29. I am up to three tanks but will be down sizing to just 2, my 55 and 20L. My wife love how relaxing it is for me watching the antics going on in the tanks.
  9. Theman1Valued MemberMember

    I have been into the hobby for alittle over a year now. I started with a 10 gallon and now have 6 tanks running. The more I researched the more addicting the hobby became. I think I'm actually obsessed. I would love to start a business that just goes around setting up people's tank and doing maintenance. If I didn't have a 2 year old daughter and another baby on the way I would definitely quit my job and try it. My wife didn't like that idea:p
  10. celizabethh3Valued MemberMember

    I had a fish tank when I was a kid but I had no idea how much time or dedication the hobby requires (I call it a lifestyle..) Last summer I got my first REAL tank - a 10 gallon - but I have had my betta for nearly two years. I'm now up to three tanks and hoping for more in the near future. Maybe a 55 or 90 gallon, something large. :)

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  11. Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    I have, or have had everything from a 5 gallon with a betta, to a basement full of racks of tanks. Never kept anything for profit, just for the enjoyment of all the different kinds of fish there are to keep.

    The biggest tank I have had is a 750 gallon, and just about everything in between. I have a thing for sting rays at the moment. But have kept all kinds of South and Central American cichlids. From peacock bass (boring) to dwarfs ( incredibly entertaining )

    I also like the oddballs. Bichirs are lots of fun to keep and watch grow. Knife fish are interesting. Arowana are so graceful. And of course the rays. I also had an electric eel at one point.

    Planted tanks are awesome, and I have a few at the moment. Nothing too large, and I like to keep the planted ones single species tanks for the most part. Nothing better than a carpeted tank with a big school of tetra or wild discus.

    I've also recently discovered African cichlids. It's like learning the hobby all over again.

    If you can find it in a pet store, I've probably had it. I've also ordered so many at this point it's not even funny.

    It's a great hobby that is always changing.
  12. terrynachosValued MemberMember

    I am so new and love it! On my first ever tank 75g cichlid and love love love it. I wish i could turn this into a career but i just dont see how i could do it if you have any tips to do so please let me know! Lol.

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  13. terrynachosValued MemberMember

    Well for my first tank i jumped right into a 75 gallon convict cichlid tank and found it very easy to maintain with 6 fish in it lol. So far so good. I then seen a mexican axolotl in the shop and fell in love so i did a weeks worth of research and got him currently in a 20 gallon tank. I am picking up my 3rd addition to the home a 90 gallon tank that i hope to use for african venustus cichlids or maybe Gars or arrowana. Either way it will be a 90 gallon with 2 fish of whatever species to try breeding. Maybe haha that could change overnight

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  14. frampyWell Known MemberMember

    I have been running tanks full time for the past 6 yrs now. I got my 1st tank about 20 yrs ago. I couldn't have tanks while I was married so there is a big gap without them. It was one of the things that helped me get over my ex. I love my tanks!! They bring me peace in my life.

    I am running 9 tanks now and I have a 75 gal I am setting up. My biggest tank is a 125 gal. My smallest are a pair of 5.5 gals. I also have a 10g, 2x20g, 2x29g, and a 55g
  15. JessH18Valued MemberMember

    I remember one day I came home from work and I told my husband that I wanted a betta. We kind of discussed it more and he said he didn't just want a betta in a little tank. So what started out as a 10 gallon tank idea, escalated into a 29 gallon. And that is what has brought us here a year later.

    Now we have a 10 gallon (mostly for quarantine, but also for some ghost shrimp at the moment) and we just upgraded to a 40 gallon when Petco had their $1 per gallon sale going on. Plus I can already see us getting more tanks in the future. He wants a shrimp breeding tank, I want to get into breeding some fish too. This hobby is going to take us on a journey, whether our bank account likes it or not.

    We just added in C02 and that has been up and running for about a week. We are excited to see the progress in our tank, which fuels us a lot. The thing that I like about keeping tanks is there is always something new to learn. This hobby is progressive in many different aspects. Plus I'll never get tired of going into the LFS and looking at the new stock, even if it is generally the same stuff every time we go!

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