Lets Discuss My Dosing Schedule!


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Hey All!

So I've been working on my first ever tank for about 7 months now. Its a low tech tank but I've been implementing a strict dosing schedule, which I now think is ready for an upgrade. In all honesty, my tank has performed pretty well considering that it does not use any CO2 injection. But I've been considering starting dosing Nitrogen and Phosphorus and I figured that some of you guys would be able to help decide when in my schedule would be ideal.

The plants in my tank are:

- Monte Carlo
- Weeping Moss
- Anubius Nana (Surprisingly struggling)
- Sagitaria Subulata
- Staurogyne Bihar
- Staurogyne Repens
- Java Fern
- Cryptocoryne Costata
- Lobelia Cardinalis (Struggling)
- Hygrophilia Pinnatifida
- Cabomba (Struggling)

I concede that given that I don't have injected CO2 my "red" plants aren't very red. But besides that, they're ok but could be better. I've attached a picture of my tank and my dosing schedule.

I'm open to any constructive criticism, thanks in advance!



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Very nice tank! Looks like your dosing schedule has worked out amazing up to this point. Why change anything?


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Most would be thrilled to have your results after only 7 months. By no means an expert, I consider myself a novice "Underwater Gardener". But I ran into a similar issue with my 55. I felt I had reached a plateau. Most everything I tried grew "Ok". So I decided to get some advise as you have. Some members mentioned a change to another type of fert and dosing might help. So I tried Nilocg PPS-Pro style liquid fertilizer.

DIY PPS-PRO Liquid Fertilizer

After a few months I was pleased with the results.
I started a thread, Take a look some good info.
Starting Nilocg Ferts -- Underwater Gardener -

Best of Luck!

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