Lethargic Gasping (?) Betta, Was Fine Yesterday

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by kaneki, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. kanekiNew MemberMember

    hey everyone!! i've been reading a lot of threads here but haven't joined until now. i just got my first betta/fish/tank (named te fiti) in 10+ years last thursday (also first time doing any of this myself), i also have 3 kuhli loaches. i have cycled my tank and everything (fishless, around a month), but had a nitrate spike right when i first put the fish in. kuhlis seem fine, and i've gotten the levels under control. betta had a cloudy eye after that that has mostly (not completely) cleared up.

    this morning the numbers were:

    ammonia >0ppm
    nitrite >0ppm
    nitrates >10ppm or 20ppm (hard to tell with this one, but i do have plants in my tank and this was before i did a water change)
    ph i haven't checked but it's higher than most people like- it's around 8.3? i believe but everything i've read here has said keep ph consistent rather than perfect. s/o will be bringing me driftwood at the end of the month.
    temp is 79-80. my room is cold right now so the heater is struggling a bit atm bc my room is cold

    i just did a water change, and i dosed prime and stress coat last night because that's when she started acting off. it's a planted 10 gallon tank- 1 female betta, 3 kuhli loaches. some unnamed plants, dwarf hairgrass, java ferns, hornwort, and crypts. all plants besides dwarf hair grass and an unnamed one were added wednesday. i have an aquaclear hob 20 filter.


    now for the big long story.. please bear with me and please be nice... i love my fish a lot and i am doing my best and just want to help them. i don't think i've done anything wrong but i am new at this and i'm worried :-( one of my chickens just died last night and i'm really having a hard time coping with all of that and this so i could really use the help.

    te fiti, (who i have had a week now) is hanging around the bottom of the tank a lot and doing the gasping thing.. on and off clamped fins. (video: ) at first i thought she was just sleeping, but my friend said nope, gasping. i thought it might be that the water wasn't oxygenated enough and turned up the filter and got an air stone. i've turned the filter back down and air stone off to give her a little peace since then since i know bettas don't like that (it seemed to perk her up? but the current was ridiculous).. but she's still acting really odd and is back at the bottom of the tank. before when she was first getting used to the tank/stressed she stayed up at the top... so this is even weirder.

    yesterday she was just fine, swimming around super happily (well, kind of pace-y) (here's a short video of it when one of my kuhlis bumped into her: )

    .....until she suddenly bolted in the tank as if she got spooked, and she's been lethargic and sad ever since. (i caught it on video:   )

    she refuses to eat pellets, and has since i got her (she ate bloodworms at the beginning of the week but ate so much she got constipated. she has pooped since then, but now i can't get her to eat, even with the garlic thing and now she is uninterested in everything).... and she's barely gone up to get air today.

    she does a twitchy thing sometimes when she swims so now i worry she might have some sort of parasite? i can't seem to catch that on camera. i don't see her trying to scratch herself though and i see no ich on her and i don't think i see any velvet or bacterial stuff. here's some pictures of her with/without flash from this morning:  

    the only poops i have seen her do have been clear/white/mucus-y... one looked like it was mucus with a white ball in it. i tried to get a pic but i lost the poop sadly... i have heard that clear/white poop can be from eating clear foods such as bloodworms and brine shrimp so i didn't think anything of it but now i'm really starting to worry. she also has a slightly cloudy left eye (the one in the picture) that i thought was due to the nitrate spike when i first put her in the tank, but even though it has sort of cleared, i worry.

    my ph is high but everything i'd read has said to keep it the same and let them adjust so that it stays consistent, rather than fluctuating a whole bunch (but my s/o will have driftwood for me at the end of the month so i am hoping that will help).

    any... input would be incredibly helpful. thank you so much everyone <3 i really care about my girl and am really worried about her :-(
  2. SenValued MemberMember

    Is it possible she's having trouble swallowing something? I haven't had my (both male...) bettas for too long, but I've seen them sit still and tilt their heads back like that when eating.

  3. kanekiNew MemberMember

    thank you so much for replying <3 i'm not sure! she hasn't been eating so i don't know how she would have trouble swallowing... :-(

    i got some pictures of her pooping just now:

    my s/o and i are really starting to think internal parasites because she looks bloated and she keeps pooping those weird white strands (plus the twitching)... i am going to medicate tonight. half dose of api's general cure (because of the kuhlis)- i have read good things about it :-(

  4. SenValued MemberMember

    Given the poop (and the couple dozen info links I checked on Google just now) parasites do sound likely. :<

    Are her gills inflamed? I can't really tell in the pictures, since I don't know what her normal coloration is.

  5. kanekiNew MemberMember

    yeah :-( i knew i would have problems when i got a betta LOL! i put off getting one for four years because the nitrogen cycle was daunting and so was all the possibilities of illness and such... i have severe anxiety so i was too scared...

    and of course i get one with problems.. but she's so important to me and i love her.

    she was in an overstocked sorority tank, it was super dark. they were all swimming around and none were really standing out to me. but then she swam up to the front of the tank. she swam up to the front, and just stared and i showed my finger and she followed it incessantly. when the employee went to scoop her out when i asked for her, she just let it happen, as if she was excited to have a home (she was active at the time too). i just want the best for her and for her to be happy!

    i am not sure if her gills are inflamed :-( she's just breathing really heavy i think..
  6. SenValued MemberMember

    It's good to hear that your fish is important to you. :) The fact that she picked you is special! Even if she's not feeling well right now, I'm sure she's a lot more comfortable in your care than she could have ever been in the overstocked super-dark sorority tank.
  7. kanekiNew MemberMember

    i hope so!! <3 my s/o said she probably has had the problem since she was in that super dark overstocked sorority tank. now it's up to me to hopefully make it better! i'm struggling with the general cure instructions though :-( i hope it will help her!! will definitely update this thread as things get figured out!!
  8. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    You said she is bloated? If so, I recommend fasting her for 2-3 days. Also, when was she purchased? What's her tank temperature?
  9. kanekiNew MemberMember

    all of the information is in the original post :shy:

    she was purchased last thursday- a week ago.
    yes, she looks bloated.
    tank temp is 79-80*
    she has been fasted for like 4 days now- she refuses to eat anything.

    thank you for replying :D
    i am medicating her (half doses because of the kuhli loaches- but for the full course since there is antibiotics in it) because now i believe her to have internal parasites- all the signs and symptoms are coming together to point towards that. cross your fingers for me that this helps! :(
  10. 707New MemberMember

    crossing fingers for her to get better soon ;;;;;
  11. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    Oop, my bad! She's already been fasted and still not eating?! Being a little stubborn are we!? From the way her poop looks, it could be internal parasites, hopefully medicating her works out! Also, she isn't pineconing at all, right?
  12. kanekiNew MemberMember

    yep!! she over-ate one day, and then hasn't eaten since. she's a stubborn girl, and definitely not feeling well! i'm thinking internal parasites too so.. really hoping these meds work! i don't see any pineconing, so hopefully it was caught in time <3
  13. Sushi'skeeperValued MemberMember

    Thank goodness for no pineconing! Fingers crossed she'll get better!
  14. kanekiNew MemberMember

    thank you so much!! ♡♡♡
  15. AvalancheDaveWell Known MemberMember

    What chemicals have you been using, if any?
  16. CycerathValued MemberMember

    maybe someone else can shed light on this, but is it possible she could have gotten a parasite from eating the bloodworms? i've been told to wash my hands after touching them.
  17. kanekiNew MemberMember

    what chemicals do you mean???
    seachem prime, api stress coat (not within the past 2 days though), tetra safe start + (also not within the last 2 days).
    and now i'm dosing with api general care since it seems like internal parasites.
    at least at this point i am hoping so, because someone suggested columnaris in a facebook group and now i am So so so worried :-(

    the bloodworms are frozen (too paranoid to do live.. i don't want them to live in my tank LOL), can there be parasites in frozen ones? i would think they would die off?
  18. kanekiNew MemberMember

    here are some pictures from today, of her and her poop:

    (pics of her first, then her poop)
  19. kanekiNew MemberMember

    update on te fiti today: last night i put her in a breeder box in the tank to keep an eye on her because yesterday she stayed at the bottom of the tank, all day. not once did she go up for air, and she wouldn't move much, and she even looked like she was having swim bladder issues (i assume from the bloating from the internal parasites). she was acting so lethargic and sad... i swore she was gunna die during the night, but my s/o (the user 707 up there LOL) kept tellin me that bettas are pretty tough and to not write her off just yet.

    when i woke up she was no longer in the breeder box. i had the lid of the tank on so i started searching the tank- first spot i looked was where she kept laying on the ground yesterday. not there. turns out she was on the opposite side (same side as the breeder box), swimming around, and i've even saw her go up for air a couple times, which is awesome because she didn't at all yesterday.

    she also ate a single small bloodworm (thawed frozen) today which is amazing since she hasn't eaten in days. and one of her poops had some yellow in it- aka not all white like the parasite poops and definitely partially a different texture! i think the meds are working. she's not 100%, still a little slow, but definitely looking more perked up. i'm amazed and glad and also trying not to keep my hopes up too much. i had nightmares last night of finding dead fish in my tank last night and have been expecting the worst. i love my girl and just want to give her a happy and healthy life, a way better one than the dark, over-stocked, small sorority tank she was in when i found her.

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