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    dahly Valued Member Member

    After cycling my tank in near record time, with no "enhancers" I learned that ammonia, nitrates and nitrites aren't the only concern for water chemistry.  I cycled with 3 White Skirt Tetra's in just 11 day's, supposedly.  I added 3 Silver Tipped  Tetra's on day 11 and 4 Cory Panda's on day 17.  Two Cory's died within 48 hours, a third after 72 hours.  One of the Silver Tip's died this morning, day 22.  My pH is 8.4 and my kH (water hardness) is over 300.  I added fish too fast, and didn't let my pH and kH "mature" to more resonable levels.  I want to add more fish, but won't until the total water chemistry is good.  The fish I have seem fine.  I did a 17% (5 gallons) water change with RO day 18 and 4 cups of strained rainwater,pH 6.8, last night.  Fish are on sale for 40% off to the end of the month, but there will be other sales.  Now I must wait, and be patient.  Gunnie told me to wait to add fish.  Too bad I didn't heed her advise.
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    Gunnie Well Known Member Member

    I'm so sorry about your fish losses. Another thing that is important when purchasing new fish is to acclimate them slowly, especially if there is a ph difference between the water they were in at the lfs and the water in your tank. When you put your fish bags into the tank, open them and attach them to the side of the tank if you can. At about 30 minute intervals, add a tablespoon or 2 of tank water to the bag. After a couple of hours, your fish should be better adjusted to the tank ph. Dahly, you hang in there and don't give up! This is a great hobby, and as you go through the bumps in the beginning, you will become a great fishkeeper (you are already well on your way!), and will enjoy your fish immensely.
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    dahly Valued Member Member

    Thanks for the encouragement and suggestion to more slowly acclimate the fish. I will still wait to add more fish until the pH and hardness reduce. I do not plan on giving up either. In fact I bought another tank (20 gallon, complete set up) this past weekend for half price. I'll wait until the first is humming, before I start the process, correctly, with the second one. "Never, Never, Never, give up!" as Sir Winston stated.
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    Dahly,sorry to hea about your fishies. Hang in there. Gunnies advice was sound. We've ALL made mistakes and this is how we learn some of the stuff we share with others. You just can't imagine the mistakes that I've made. ::) Now you know better how to cycle the next tank. Are you getting MTS (multiple tank syndrome) like the rest of us?