Lesson learned:Pls help with my QT tank

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    :confused:Okay, I lost my little panda fish and I had no real QT to put him in and had to improvise.So today I acquired a small 1.5g tank to use as an emergency sick room. Been searching the forum and found some answers but would like to know for certain: do I have to cycle it and keep it going all the time or could I put the filter sponge in my main tanks filter(fluval 205) and pull it out when I need it, fill the little tank with half main tank H20 and half fresh H20 and turn it on (it has a heater and would warm up fast at that size) Or just stuff the small sponge in the main tank itself (might be unsightly though) Do I put substrate in the little tank, how about a small hiding spot to help the sick little fish feel safe? I know it's a small tank but for one sick fish thought it might do, all my fish are small.Thought I should by some medicine also for common ailments in case something happens on the days my dealers store is closed! If that is a good idea, what are some things to be prepared for?Just want to do the best I can for my fish! (read about power outs today, now I am getting a battery air pump and hand warmer packs! Any thoughts on all this?
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    I'm sorry about your cory. It's so sad to lose a fin baby.
    You can put an extra filter sponge in your established tank to quick cycle the Q tank.
    I don't have substrate in my Q tank. It's easier to clean using a turkey baster.
    I like to put a plant or hidey thing for the fish. I agree, imo, it makes them feel safe.
    I used a 1.5g for a Q tank for a long time. I have small fish too.
    If you want something larger for a Q tank, I keep extra kritter keepers around. I think the large one is close to 4g's or you can use a clean Rubbermaid tote.

    If you want extra meds handy, be sure to check the expiration dates. Meds can be expensive and you don't want anything to expire too soon.

    Good idea about the battery air pump and warmer packs. Better to be prepared than go running around when the power is already out. :)
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    :( I'm sorry about your panda baby. :(

    Umm, I'm not sure about everything there, but imo, no substrate is best because it will be easier to keep it clean. To suck bits of poo and food out, I suggest a never-been-used-or-seen-soap turkey baster. A tiny plant or baby terracotta pot or something would be nice to help a sick fishy rest somewhere they feel safe.

    I think you can do either way - keep it cycled with some live shrimp/snail or keep extra filter media in your filter so you can easily transfer and instant cycle the little tank. Not sure which is better though.

    I don't medicate my fish, so I'm not sure about meds. I do recommend having a jar of garlic and garlic juice on hand. It's a natural immune booster. :)

    :;tmnt Lucy. :)