Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

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I have been keeping my Leopard Gecko, Zelda for two years now and have decided to make a care sheet.
Hope you guys can learn a lot from this, and maybe get one for your own! You can always PM me if needed.

The recommended size for an adult Leopard Gecko is a 40breeder tank, and I do highly advise for them to be kept in that size, and no smaller.

The baby leopard gecko should be kept in a smaller tank, such as a 10-20gallon for it is most likely to get lost, and wouldn't be able to find neccesities such as: water, and heat. Without those things, it will make it very hard for it to digust it's food, and most likely die from it.

Meanwhile the adult Leopard gecko, or giant leopard gecko would feel most comfortable in a 40breeder, for it is more of length instead of height, because Leopard Gecko's unlike other geckos do not have sticky pads on the bottom of their feet, so they aren't known to do much climbing.
I kept my Leopard Gecko in a 20 gallon long for a while until it reached 7inches, and I knew it was time to upgrade.

Now don't think when you buy a Leopard Gecko they will eat everything you give them, because unlike others some can be very picky, or maybe they are trying to maintain a diet, or watching their carbs?

Now my Leopard Gecko when we bought her, would eat almost anything, but now she is about 3years old she will eat nothing but crickets, and occasionally Dubia Roaches, anything else offered she won't pay any attention to, the most common things that they will mainly enjoy are Crickets, SuperWorms, and Dubia Roaches.

The one thing to watch out for are WaxWorms for they are super fatty, and not good for their main diet, and should only be given as a treat occasionally, and if they are given, not much, for they can become picky, and only choose to eat them, since they probably taste the best.

For an example, the crickets, superworms, and roaches are your broccoli, fruits, and healthy foods, and the waxworms are the cookies, brownies, and icecream, and should not be fed very often, or not at all.
My gecko has not received a Waxworm for as long as I have been keeping her, because sometimes she can have quite the attitude for her meals.

In their tank, you need to provide a natural habitat, so they can feel relaxed, and calm. So make sure to provide many hides for them to relax, shed, and sleep.

On your leopard gecko's enclosure you want to make sure you have atleast 40-60% of the bottom of the tank covered with heat.
Heat is the most important thing, because without it, they would not be able to digest their food, and become constipated, and most likely would lead to death.

I use an Ultra Therm heatpad that covers almost 70% of the whole bottom, and provides a lot of heat for my Gecko.
Also make sure to keep your Heatpad on a monitor such as an InkBird Heat Controller, or a Jumpstart.
I use an InkBird Heat Controller, and it works fine, and has 2 electrical outlets to control.

Sometimes here in Texas my winters can get cold, so just incase of it getting too cold, I have a heat bulb, that produces no light, just heat.
I have it plugged in and set to a max of 91F, and minimum of 88F. 86-92F are probably the best temperatures to keep your heaters kept to, just make sure the thermometer on the controller, is ontop of the substrate, so it reads correctly.

Some people say that if you keep your Leopard Gecko on loose substrate, when the grab their food they may eat some dirt, and get it in their system, and not be able to digest it.
That information is very wrong, and if your Leopard Gecko is kept in fine conditions, and a good habitat they will be able to digust it easily.

I am using a mix of Eco Earth, and a little bit of Excavator Clay, which based on my experiences has been really great.
If you use that mixture try not to get the substrate that wet, because when the Clay gets wet it will harden upon drying, and if your Gecko steps in it will harden on it.
Eco Earth, is definitely a great choice, making it easy for them to dig, and comfortable for them to sleep, and lay on.

I hope this helped, if I need to add anything please let me know, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me.

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