Lemon Cichlids Important

  1. play Member Member

    I walk in to petco to get some fish food ad I see these amazing yellow fish an I asked the clerk what type ar these and she said they are lemon cichlids.I bought 2 one inchers and when I got home I had to put them in my firemouth nursing tank.I have no wher else to put the will hey live happily until They all grow and I get spiecies only tank?
  2. Amanda Fishlore VIP Member

    Do you know what type of fish you actually bought?
    I've never heard of a "Lemon Cichlid"
    Can you post a picture?
  3. Lucy Moderator Moderator Member

    Please be patient. Not everyone is on at the same time. Sometimes you have to wait for the right member to log in who can help you.
  4. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    I hope with your tank sizes, it wasnt a lemon oscar they sold you....a pic would be great though!
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    I have a one 1in. lemon cihlid in that link it says they can live in peaceful aquarium but now I need to know about the firemouth cichlid how aggresive are they as 1inchers
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    is it a yellow lab play? if so, they are a species only fish...an african cichlid that cannot go in with anything but other african cichlids...firemouths arent compatible
  8. play Member Member

    It is the one in the link that says Lemon Cichlid Profile .But, mine is 1in
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    they all come small like that..but they dont stay that way ..im combining your two posts as they are the same thing and boucing back and fourth is hard LOL
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    OK i've heard they get up to seven inches but Once they get about 3 in in my 10g I am going to by a 75g and put about 6 in their.
  11. Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    never mind im going to leave it...now we know you have labs, ill close this thread and you can continue in your other one for stocking ok?
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    I don't have labs
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    brunette moment for me!!!
    I was going by the yellow lab link I didnt see the updated link... ;) sorry
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    Firemouth Cichlid Profile

    You wouldn't want to mix these 2 types since they are from 2 different parts of the world and have different requirements.

    Here is the Lemon Cichlid Profile again

    Sorry to confuse you all. :D I didn't want to double post.
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    Shawnie- Sorry I read the quote above as they wanting to put the 2 together.
  19. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    The Lemon Cichlid, Leleupi, is a carnivorous ciclid from Lake Tanganyika. It gets to be about 6inches long & is generally peacefull though it will engage in mouth locking wars over territoy. There is usually no damage done during these test of strenght fights. They will combine well with most rift lake cichlids but I have seen Tropheus species pick on them constantly & would not reccomend keeping the two species in the same tank. You should really have these fish in very hard water with a PH of at least 8.2 as they do not cope well with long periods in water with a low PH. If you decide to keep a group of these fish make sure your tank is fairly large with lots of rockwork to provide numerous caves for the fish to hide in.