Leds For 20g Riparium Build

  1. Fishbeard

    Fishbeard Valued Member Member

    Hey all,

    Looking to upgrade my lights for my planted tanks, currently using 6500K CFL bulbs in refractors. I've had success with them, but I think if I switch to LEDs, I'll save money in the long run, and maybe have better plant growth.

    Working on a build for a 20g long riparium (low tech), and I'd like to start using LEDs with this build, maybe in addition to the CFLs. Are there any that people recommend? I'm planning on growing house plants emersed, aquatic plants emersed, and fully aquatic growth.

    I'm partial to clip lights, but I could be convinced to go a different direction... any thoughts?
  2. OP

    Fishbeard Valued Member Member

    Another question in addition to these ones...

    Has anyone on here every used lights that sit on front and back rim of the tank? I'm thinking about 2 ~12" LEDs, instead of 1 30" LED... thoughts? They would each sit about 10" away from the sides of the tank and each other...

    This would allow me to elevate one of them if I do higher riparium growth on one side, and leave one lower for aquatic growth and fish visability.